DRiWiSE 10 – The driest solution for Rising Damp

2 April 2008

Get wise to DriWise 10 – the driest solution for rising damp

DriWise 10 is a revolutionary new treatment of rising damp for the 21st Century. Unique to Timberwise, it has been specially formulated to combat the effects of rising damp with superior performance.

Highly effective formulation enables long lasting and deep penetration of the mortar layer creating a horizontal barrier against rising damp.


The unique cream consistency allows horizontal application techniques without the injection agent running out. Combine this with superior stability in the drill hole and you have the optimal damp proofing cream.

Pure Cream Technology

The unique formulation of DriWise 10 is based on a pure cream emulsion base which enables superior penetration of the active ingredient within the building material.

Environmentally friendly

A solvent free product, DriWise 10 is ecologically safe and non-hazardous.

Straightforward Installation

Simple and efficient installation by drilling the mortar joint and filling drill holes using a cartridge gun. There is minimal preparation and application time minimising disruption to the occupants of the property.

Controllable and Consistent Consumption Rates

The controlled installation technique ensures effective treatment and consistent consumption rates. As the product is not injected under pressure it is a cleaner and safer solution than conventional chemical injection systems.

Proven Performance

Independent research and test reports have proven its effectiveness. Timberwise DriWise 10 is approved by the GPI and also benefits from our own 20 year guarantee. If you want more information about our services don’t hesitate to contact us on 0800 288 8660 or request a survey online.