Basement Pump Servicing

12 June 2008

The importance of basement pump servicing

Timberwise are experts when it comes to designing and installing basement waterproofing systems but there is more to keeping your basement dry than just installing the correct waterproofing solution.

People expect their basement waterproofing system to keep their basement dry day after day, year after year but without an annual inspection of the waterproofing system can you really rely on your sump and pump unit to keep your basement dry?

A well used pump prior to servicing

At the heart of a Timberwise basement waterproofing system is a sump and pump unit. Think of the pump in the same way as you would the engine of a car. To keep a car in good running order it requires regular servicing and so does your pump.

To remain effective your basement system needs to be inspected and cleaned regularly – in most cases only once a year.

With a 10 point basement ‘Clean & Check’ you will have the peace of mind that your basement waterproofing system is working efficiently. If left unchecked silt and deposits along with limescale can decrease the effectiveness of the pump and the waterproofing system.

With a Timberwise waterproofing solution the system is designed so that it can be serviced easily. The sumps benefit from easy to remove lids to allow easy access to the pumps whilst the perimeter drainage has inspection ports fitted to allow the system to be ‘flushed’.

The ‘Clean & Check’ routine comprises of the following:

  • Removal of the pump unit from the sump
  • Cleaning of the sump (remove lime, shingle etc.)
  • Clean the pump unit
  • Inspection of the running sequence of the pump
  • Inspection of the alarm system
  • Checking of the back up pumping system
  • Descaling of the sump and pump
  • Checking the water outlet for blockages
  • Checking the perimeter drainage
  • Replacing parts as necessary to maintain effectiveness

The ‘Clean & Check’ service is provided by The Basement Sump & Pump Co

The Basement Sump & Pump Co are experts in the maintaining and servicing of basement waterproofing systems and are a strategic partner of Timberwise.

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