Bird Proofing Advice for U-boat Tourist Attraction

11 June 2008

Timberwise advise new tourist attraction on bird proofing

When a new tourist attraction in the making based at Woodside ferry terminal near Birkenhead required advice on bird proofing for their unique attraction Timberwise Liverpool were chosen to provide sound advice on keeping the troublesome birds at bay.

The attraction is German U-boat U534. The U-boat which was sunk on May 5th 1945 is one of only 4 full size U- boats left in existence. At it’s new home the U-boat will be split into 3 sections allowing tourists to have a glimpse of what life in the cramped conditions of a German U-boat was really like whilst also exploring the link between ferries and underwater warfare.

The pictures below show the U-boat and site under construction.


The inside of U-534 under reconstruction The 3 parts of U-534

The side of U-534 A cut away of U-534
The problem for the owners of the new attraction though was how to potentially keep troublesome birds away from the attraction. As the attraction is outdoor based it was vital that bird proofing was taken into consideration, especially as the attraction was based in a coastal location. Due to the shape and size of the structure conventional methods of bird proofing would have proved difficult to utilise – audible bird proofing devices may have proved too noisy whilst netting may distract from the aesthetics of the attraction. Through a careful study of the location we are now monitoring the bird situation on a regular basis to keep the area free of troublesome birds.

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