Timberwise launch NEW Positive Pressure Ventilation System

2 July 2009

As innovators in the air quality market our specialist air quality  team at Timberwise are proud to launch their new positive pressure ventilation system. Our EnergySaver positive pressure ventilation units have always provided a reliable solution to condensation, mould growth and air quality problems within the home and our new enhancements make our units the next generation of positive pressure ventilation systems. The system works by introducing fresh, dry, filtered ambient air into the property. This ‘clean’ air is then circulated around the property diluting and displacing the stale moist air and ultimately reducing the humidity levels to control condensation.

Our new positive pressure ventilation system for lofts has all the benefits of our original system and much more!

The EnergySaver Positive Pressure Ventilation System features:

•  Five year guarantee
•  Helps lower energy costs
•  Controls condensation and mould growth within the property
•  Reduces the build up of radon gas where this is a problem
•  Low maintenance

EnergySaver Positive Pressure Loft System

New features include:

  • A new state of the art digital motor – The positive pressure unit will constantly measure the airflow and keep the airflow at the desired rate. This new motor is also more efficient than our previous motor.
  • A new LED  light on the heat switch panel – A clear indicator to show when the filter needs changing.
  • New style filter cover– Our new filter is now the largest available for a positive pressure loft unit giving clients an increased working life of the filter. Air is also now filtered from all sides of the unit.

As can be seen from the picture to the left the  new unit can now be hung directly from a rafter or a cross member. This allows a less intrusive installation than the traditional unit which was fitted directly on to ceiling joists. An added benefit is also less vibration and noise when in use.

 How the positive pressure ventilation system works

The loft unit is fitted into the roof void and ducted via an air diffuser, normally mounted in the ceiling above a stairwell. Where there is a pre heat facility a control switch is conveniently sited to allow the user to control the heat facility and the fan speed.

For more information on our range of positive pressure ventilation systems or to arrange a survey call Timberwise on o800 288 866o.