Basement Waterproofing London

Basement Waterproofing in London

8 September 2009

Over the years Timberwise has been called upon to carry a large number of waterproofing projects from all sizes of venue. For this project our team of specialists were introduced to provide a dry basement for a shop in London.

The Basement Waterproofing Problem

Commonly, Barrel Vaulted Basements are affected by moisture from all directions. Beneath the shop, four Barrel Vaults had been previously waterproofed however, problems occurred as a result of traffic vibration. Substrate failure and the inability of the cement based system to accommodate for differential movement had lead to water seepage and dampness. The client required the vaults for a designer display of high quality ‘Cat-Walk’ fashion goods and accessories. It was, therefore, imperative that the basement was totally dry and damp free.

The Basement Waterproofing Solution

To effectively waterproof the vaults, the team used a 20mm Floor Cavity Drain Membrane and an 8mm Wall Cavity Drain Membrane. They applied the membrane system throughout each barrel vault with a full perimeter drainage system (Waterguard), and a sump and pump facility (Supersump). The waterproofing achieved the highest grade of basement waterproofing (Grade 4) under BS 8102 after making the basement fully damp, water, and vapour proof.

Basement Waterproofing in London from Timberwise

It is becoming increasingly popular in London to dig down to find a luxurious answer to the decreasing lack of space above ground. Whether it’s a leisure addition or a saviour for storage, it is transforming homes into something more impressive. London property prices are shooting up as people create ‘iceberg’ houses that become larger below ground than above. It is making the market very competitive and more people are finding themselves surrounded by renovations. Timberwise are experts in basement waterproofing and no matter the scale or type of property, they will find the right solution to keep your basement water-free.

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