Looking for a timber and damp survey?

6 May 2010

A houses showing the areas covered in a timber and damp surveyTimberwise as experts in dampness can provide homeowners with timber and damp surveys. A majority of timber and damp issues in the home go unnoticed until the property is on the market and a survey is required on the instructions of either the mortgage lender of the house buyer. Thats when Timberwise can help with a timber and damp survey!

We can provide a full report on our findings which also includes our recommendations to rectify or alleviate the causes of dampness in the property. The report will also give details of any works that maybe required to be carried out. If no treatments are needed, we will say so!

A qualified expert opinion from the property care experts

It is vital that when having a timber and damp survey carried out on a property that any problems are correctly identified  in order to specify the correct remedial treatments. It is important therefore that the surveyor carrying out the survey is an experienced qualified surveyor. Timberwise, as members of the PCA (Property Care Association), can give you the peace of mind that our qualified surveyors are some of the most experienced in the property care industry.

A survey by a trained surveyor can also save you money! It happens all too often that surveyors mistake penetrating damp and condensation problems for rising damp – this can then lead to works that are costly and unnecessary as these two problems can usually be remedied at a fraction of the cost of remedial works

Further help and advice about timber and damp surveys

For more information on timber and damp surveys and to see what is involved with a timber and damp survey from Timberwise check out our timber and damp survey page. To arrange a timber and damp survey call 0800 288 8660 or complete our timber and damp survey request form on-line.