Surveyors Fotofile: Mould growth in a roof void

25 January 2011

A fantastic example today of mould growth in a roof void from one of our Manchester surveyors. The mould growth was caused by over insulating the roof void and as a result causing a lack of ventilation. Insulation was found to have been pushed into the eves of the building as well as between the rafters. The roof timbers and insulation had become saturated resulting initially in the mould growth that you can see growing on the timbers. There was also a potential danger of a Dry Rot outbreak – Dry Rot can occur when conditions are still and humid and the moisture content of the wood is in excess of 30%.


Our solution to the mould growth problem was to remove the mould, treat the timbers with a fungicidal wash to protect from any future growth and increase the ventilation in the roof space by removing excess insulation from the eves.

What should I do if I discover mould in my roof space?

Timberwise are experts in the treatments of moulds and can offer specialist, specific advice and supply complete solutions as to the control
and elimination of condensation and persistent problems of high humidities and associated mould growth, thereby reducing the potential health hazards associated with such growth. To arrange a survey call 0800 288 8660 of complete our on-line survey request form.