Timber replacement work at a Cheshire college

25 February 2011

timber-replacementAt Timberwise we cater for a wide variety of property care problems – from properties where there are damp issues through to large basement waterproofing projects for multi national clients. One of our core services, as our name suggests, is the repairing of damaged timbers.

This is a photo from one of our Manchester technicians who is currently working on a timber replacement project at a college in Northwich, Cheshire. The existing timbers within the roof area had suffered decay, in this case wet rot, as a result of defective flashing and roofing. Timberwise were called in to replace the rotten rafters with new throughout the entire roof area.

We have a variety of timber replacement techniques at our disposal. Our trained technicians, some of whom are skilled joiners, can replace timber with timber but there are instances when we have to use other timber replacement techniques – for example timber resin repairs.

When Dry Rot or Wet Rot occurs in timber beam or truss ends it normally requires extensive opening up and destructive works to replace the timber or “bolt on” unsightly steel plates or side-splice. Thanks to timber resin technology defects can be repaired economically and in-situ using a variety of specially formulated resins, coupled with innovative application techniques.

For more information on the Timberwise way or repairing damaged timbers have a look at our timber engineering page or check out some of our timber repair case studies.