Reducing radon gas levels in the home

8 May 2012

Timberwise were contacted by a concerned homeowner in Whitchurch regarding possibly high levels of radon gas in the family home. We were asked to test for the presence of radon gas to identify the becquerel level and from there implement a solution dependent on the extent of the radon gas exposure.

What is radon gas?

Radon gas is a  radioactive gas that is present in all rocks, solids, concrete and bricks in the UK.  Since radon gas is a naturally occurring product, its concentration is directly related to the geology underneath your home. As a result of it been formed naturally there are some parts of the UK that are more at risk of radon gas exposure than others.

Lowering radon gas levels

Following the results of a radon test Timberwise surveyed the property to pull together a solution to lower the amount of radon in the property. Our solution involved the fitting of subfloor vents to the front elevation of the property along with the installation of a radon pump to the rear. The purpose of the radon fan is to ‘suck’ air and radon gas from the front elevation, through the underside of the floor and the dispel the radon gas at roof level to disperse harmlessly into the atmosphere. The pictures below show the key parts of the installation. The picture to the left shows the radon fan and the picture on the right shows how the gas is dispersed. The unit also blends perfectly with the existing rainwater goods on the property.

Radon fan in situ Radon dispersal at roof level

Sub floor vent

Sub floor vent to allow fresh air to be ‘pulled’ to the rear of the property


Radon gas map – find out if there is radon where you live

To assist homeowners in identifying if their property is in an area of potentially high radon gas concentration the Health Protection Agency (HPA) have conducted an in depth study of radon gas and identified the risk of radon exposure across the UK. This information about radon gas areas is available from the HPA in the form of a Radon Map. The radon gas map identifies the probability of your property having an issue with radon gas. Click here to view the Radon Gas map. For a more accurate identification of the radon levels in your home Timberwise recommend the use of a radon test kit. For further information about radon testing visit our dedicated radon test kit page where you can also purchase a radon test kit safely online.

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