£300k pledged to tackle damp and mould in Winchester

14 December 2012

Combating damp and mould in Winchester

Winchester civic chiefs have earmarked around £300,000 to tackle the issues surrounding mould and dampness in council properties in the area. Councillors have acknowledged Condensation on double glazingthat a major investment is extraction fans is needed to tackle the effects of condensation within the housing stock. The project is estimated to run for around seven years but it is hoped that by then all council properties will have extraction fans fitted to both kitchens and bathrooms.

Councillor Jamie Scott said: “The last thing they want is for someone to say ‘here’s and instructional DVD’. They want their clothes to smell better and their properties to be dry. I’m conscious that there are young children in these properties and some of these tenants are experiencing severe cold and damp problems.

Following a report carried out by Winchester Council as a result of hundreds of complaints from tenants it came to light that most problems were as a result of drying clothes indoors and not opening windows, effectively trapping moist, stale air in the property.

To help solve the problems of condensation the Winchester Council favours the use of kitchen and bathroom fans in the first instance with the option of using positive pressure ventilation systems where fans have proved to be ineffective.

Timberwise, helping with damp problems and damp treatments in Winchester

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Advice for controlling condensation

Condensation is a major cause of dampness, especially in the cooler winter months. For advice on steps you can take to control condensation visit our condensation advice page where you will find free hints and tips to help control the modern menace of condensation.

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