Snow thaw leads to widespread flood warnings and flooded cellars and basements

28 January 2013

Now that the snow looks to be behind us a more serious problem is imminent. Flooding is possible across many parts of the UK as the milder temperatures thaw the snow. To compound the problem forecasters have predicted heavy downpours. Currently the Environment Agency have issued  almost 200 flood alerts and warnings in England and Wales. Keep up to date with flood warnings by looking at the  Environment Agency Flood Warnings.

Cellars and basements are inherently damp areas. Sometimes they can flood though as a result of changes in the local groundwater regime, bursts in service pipes or after periods of heavy rainfall. The issue of flooding can be a major problem for properties that have basements or cellars. In a majority of cases cellars that have not been prepared to handle incoming dampness or water tend to be more susceptible to flooding. As basements tend to be either partially or fully below ground flooding can therefore prove to be a major problem. With flooding proving to be a problem with basements and cellars when there is only a small amount of rainfall in situations where there is increased rainfall or flooding the chances of finding your below ground area flooded obviously increase.

What to do with a flooded cellar or basement?

Timberwise are waterproofing specialists and can turn cold, damp cellars and basements into dry extra living or storage space. We have a range of waterproofing solutions available to suit Flooded cellar area due to failed cellar waterproofingnot just the property but your available budget as well. We offer specialist full design & installation waterproofing solutions for our clients and can design, install and guarantee cellar water removal  systems for you. As waterproofing specialists we have a range of options to suite your and your property’s specific requirements. One of the more popular methods of cellar and basement waterproofing utilises sump pump units, cavity drain membrane and perimeter drainage channels.

The specialists to help with  flooded cellars and basements

Using some of the most modern and robust sump pumps on the market, Timberwise can remove flood water from basements and cellars. We have in our waterproofing armoury a range of automatic submersible pumps that are fitted with alarms as well as the option of back-up facility should the mains power ever be interrupted in the basement or cellar. Our team of specialist, qualified, CSSW surveyors can help determine which of our high quality waterproofing sump pumps are right for your property.

The range of waterproofing sump pumps available

To find out more about our sump pump units visit our sump pump information page.

Supersump – Our entry level quality sump pump package

Ultrasump – battery back-up upgrade for Supersump

Triplesafe – high end triple pump combination package featuring 2 cast iron pumps and a battery back-up.

For added peace of mind recommend an annual ‘Clean and Check’ basement service from The Basement Sump and Pump Co. This is effectively a service and MOT for your basement and ensures that your waterproofing system is working as it should.

Contact the basement and cellar waterproofing specialists

For advice about your flooded cellar or to arrange for one of our waterproofing specialist to visit your cellar call 0800 288 8660 or complete our on-line cellar survey request form.