Surveyors fotofile: Dry rot fruiting bodies

17 July 2013

Not wishing to be outdone by the amazing dry rot pictures from our Timberwise Cardiff surveyor (blog post: Surveyors Fotofile: Dry Rot fruiting body) here we have a picture from our Timberwise Chester surveyor showing multiple dry rot fruiting bodies in a small bathroom clad with wood paneling. Without doubt, not what you want to find lurking in your bathroom!

Dry rot fruiting bodies

What to do if you suspect you have dry rot

In this instance it was clear that the property was subject to a major dry rot outbreak but because of the nature of dry rot it can cause unseen damage for some time before been discovered.

If you find what looks like a dry rot fruiting body in your property give your local team of fungal decay specialists a call on 0800 288 8660. Our local teams are well trained in identifying and treating dry rot outbreaks and are ready to help you. For further information and advice on dry rot check out our dry rot information pages on this website.