What causes a basement to flood?

14 October 2013

In properties where a basement is present the basements tend to be built with a natural sump. A natural sump is the flow of water into the sump pit, through drains or by natural water migration through the soil. However, over time natural sumps have proven to be ineffective during unpredictable conditions such as torrential rainfall and flash flooding. As a result leading to many damp and mould issues, and even in the worst cases, flooding within the basement area.

Basement with a natural sumpIn the initial designing stage of a basement, a natural sump is implemented within the construction for most properties. However the natural sump is not always affective for unpredictable conditions and is likely to fill up with water, depending on just how well the subsoil can quickly drain the water.

A flooded basement
A prime example of what causes a natural sump to fail could be torrential rainfall; the continual rainfall may not drain quickly enough and will collect within the natural sump. The water will then continue to rise and if the property does not have the correct protection, this may result in flooding. Flooded basements can lead to dampness, mould, odours and potentially deteriorate the internal walls and plastering. There are numerous reasons why a basement could flood such as;

  1. Heavy rainfall or melting snow
  2. Defective drainage pipes
  3. Burst water main pipes
  4. High permanent or temporary (perched) water tables

Whether it is a temporary or permanent  build-up of water, this can still cause flooding within the basement and therefore create potential issues with damp and mould. It is therefore vital if your basement is suffering with dampness to contact a basement waterproofing specialist to determine the cause of the problem and suggest the best remedial solution for the property.

Need the advice of a specialist to make your cellar or basement dry?

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