So you think you’ve got woodworm?

14 May 2015

Spring is upon us! But the beetles are back! Over the past month the team at Timberwise have had an increasing number of clients contacting us regarding treatment for woodworm. This is typical, as we are now entering wood-worm season. Hibernating and feeding of your structural timber throughout those winter months, the wood boring insect is now beginning to emerge from the timber in order to find a mate. Woodworm infestations can ensue in any area of a property where there is structural timber; as timber accounts for anywhere up to 70% of the fabric of a house, woodworm should not be overlooked

Acknowledging a woodworm infestation will strike a sense of panic into any property owner, as the repercussions may be detrimental to the structure and shape of a home. When dealing with a serious issue such as woodworm it’s always best to leave it to the specialists. A Timberwise surveyor will be able to identify the woodworm is active and propose a remedial solution through conducting a woodworm survey. So what is the process?

1. Pick up the phone and call one our helpful survey controllers who will be able to arrange an affordable, honest, in depth survey at a time convenient to you.

2. Our surveyors will inspect room by room methodically, paying particular attention to the construction and type of timber (hardwood or softwood) being used. Efforts will be made to examine all timbers at actual or potential risk.

3. Our surveyors will look for symptoms of infestation including:

  • holes in the wood surface
  • bore dust ejected through hole (frass)
  • tunnels beneath the surface
  • larvae
  • surface irregularities, bumps and corrugations.

Woodworm boring through wood Woodworm exit holes

4. Through years of experience and CSRT qualifications, our surveyors will be able to access the state of activity of any insect infestation found and the species causing the damage. Indications such as freshly cut emergence holes, fresh bore dust or live larvae in propped wood would suggest an active infestation.

5. In severe cases, where the serious weakening of structural timber is suspected. Our surveyors may need to confer with structural engineers or repair specialists.


Woodworm problem? - arrange a woodworm survey!

Following an inspection, our surveyors will draw up the correct specification for the elimination of the woodworm infestation, the solution of woodworm treatment, and state any special requirements for the eradication of more difficult infestations e.g. Longhorn beetle

Timberwise have been providing the eradication of woodworm from both domestic and commercial properties for over 40 years. If you are concerned about a woodworm infestation in your property do not hesitate to give Timberwise a call. Call 0800 288 8660 to book a survey today or visit our woodworm treatments page to find out more!