Yorkshire Air Ambulance

Timberwise helping to keep the Yorkshire Air Ambulance flying high

24 November 2015

At Timberwise, we have kicked off the autumn season with a donation to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance Charity.

Earlier this year, employees of Timberwise across the entire business, embarked on the Global Corporate Challenge (GCC), striding towards a healthier lifestyle both in and outside of work. The GCC enabled employees, to not only improve their physical and psychological wellbeing but also improving their work performance along the way.  For 100 days, employees from Timberwise were split into teams, competing in a battle of steps and physical fitness. Each employee was equipped with a pedometer, with the common goal to each reach 10,000 steps per day. This often saw employees red-faced and flustered but only to be overlooked by their sheer dogged determination and tenacity to win! To boost their competitive streak even further Managing Director, Mark Edwards agreed to donate £1000 to the charity of the winning teams’ choice. To what may have seemed a lifetime for some, the 100th day finally arrived and the victors were the ‘Timberwise Action Team’ from Yeadon, whose charity of choice was the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

The Yorkshire Air Ambulance provides emergency air cover for those who face life-threatening illnesses or injuries. With a widely scattered population and diverse landscape, many people in Yorkshire live in isolated locations, far from a major or specialist hospital. Not only this, but Yorkshire includes major motorways and road networks such as the M62, M1, A1 and M18. Having a fast medical response service that can avoid traffic congestion in order to reach casualties can often prove life-saving. The swift service provided by the Air Ambulance crews have a major impact on a patient’s chance of survival and subsequent quality of life.

To make our donation, Peter Morton and Neil Hartley of Timberwise took a trip to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance offices in Ellend, where they were greeted by the regional fundraising manager, Kerry Garner.  Peter and Neil were also given an insight into the great work the charity performs on a day-to-day basis.

Peter Morton and Neil Hartley of Timberwise making their donation to Kerry Garner of the Yorkshire Air Ambulance Charity

Kerry Garner, Yorkshire Air Ambulance Fund Raising Manager said – ““On behalf of the Yorkshire Air Ambulance, I would like to thank Timberwise for the generous donation, this will go a long way in funding our two lifesaving Helicopters across Yorkshire. Well done to the Yeadon Branch for winning the challenge!”

Timberwise’s Regional Manager, Peter Morton, gave a few words on the GCC and their donation to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance. “Not only has the GCC made Timberwise a more positive and healthy working environment but it also gave the team something to work towards besides helping the people of Yorkshire preserve their properties. It’s a great to see our efforts and donation helping such an important local charity