Jack Barrow of Timberwise

Career Development: Jack’s Story

19 January 2016

Ambition, confidence and a drive to succeed are skills that are valuable assets to Timberwise employees. When these strengths are partnered to a close mentoring system and a choice of career paths, our employees can truly grow to their full potential. This is indeed apparent with one of our youngest employees, twenty-year-old Jack Barrow. Jack was welcomed to the Timberwise head office as an Office Administrator, in July 2015. With him, Jack brought bags of enthusiasm and a desire to learn. He very soon started effectively monitoring work schedules and formatting reports to help achieve team deadlines. From the 1st of January this year however, Jacks career at Timberwise took a different direction. Jack is now learning the ropes as a Timberwise technician where he thoroughly enjoys developing and recognising new strengths that he never knew he had.

To help Jack in his new role he is undertaking a comprehensive apprentice programme with the Property Care Association which will give him an insight into subjects including wet and dry rot, wood boring insects, rising damp and timber treatments. The scheme has been designed by the Property Care Association to encourage young people into the preservation industry.

Jack’s passion and desire to progress through the company certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed.  Our office team chat with Jack on a daily basis inquiring about his new position and what jobs he has on the go. Fortunately, I managed to grab a few spare minutes out of Jacks busy schedule.  From speaking to Jack, it was refreshing to hear about his new found passion and he also gave an insight into how employee progression is implemented at Timberwise.

Where were you working before Timberwise?

I worked at BHS for a short spell before moving into the world of Ikea, where I worked in the warehouse stocking shelves and dealing with customer queries, before moving over to the recovery department where I concentrated on maximising profit and minimising loss by any means necessary.

What brought you to Timberwise?

My Sister, Ashley, she informed me of what Timberwise do and I liked the sound of how well employees are treated and especially the line of work.

How did you become a technician, can you explain what the transition was like?

Whilst working as an office administrator, I spent a day working as a labourer with other technicians to gain an understanding of the work that they did. I enjoyed this a lot and voiced my interest in progressing to become a technician. A week later, I had a meeting with the Regional Manager, David Leland, who expressed his desire in helping me progress through the company in anyway he possibly could.

What do you enjoy about being a technician?

It sounds a cliché but I enjoy the fact that no two days are the same, as a technician you see different people, different properties and different jobs every day.

How have you found the new role so far?

I have found the transition very enjoyable and I am picking up and practising many different skills, which will benefit me in both work and general life.

What skills have you gained?

Too many to say, I’ve really come along the past month. From asbestos identification to dry rot remediation to basic labouring and organisational skills – I’m learning all the time!

What skills do you want to gain?

I approach each job with an open mind.  Any experience or skills that I can take from a job I will take on to the next. That’s not just how I like to work but how I go about my day to day life.

What is your next step in your career?

My long term goal is to eventually become a surveyor, I will work extremely hard as a technician and gain all of the knowledge and skills that can benefit me in being the best I can, from this I can work on becoming a surveyor.

How have you found your experience with Timberwise overall?

I have found my experience with Timberwise excellent, I really enjoy being part of the close-knit environment. I feel as though working for Timberwise has really boosted my confidence and inspired me to try new things. Prior to Timberwise I never imagined myself as a technician or a surveyor but now I am determined to develop myself further in the world of property care. Although its hard work I know it will be a lot of fun along the way and ultimatley rewarding for me as an individual.

Not only is Jack developing his skills on a personal level, but he is also envisaging the next step in his career.  This is the sort of ambition and dedication that we are very proud of. Well done Jack, we look forward to you continuing your career at Timberwise.

Are you interested in a career with Timberwise?

If you are looking for a fresh challenge why not have a look at the career opportunities available within Timberwise? As a growing company new positions become available all the time – Bookmark the current vacancies page and check back regularly to see new roles we have available.