Why drying your clothes indoors isn’t a good idea!

30 September 2016

Fire lit, socks on, and electric blankets at the ready….If only preparing for the cooler months was that simple.

Unfortunately, with the many joys that autumn and winter bring they are also accompanied by a large number of household problems. The good news is, the majority are preventative! Here are a few tips to help you get through the dropping temperatures of the months to come.

Drying Your Clothes Indoors

It’s simply too cold to dry your clothes outside and the tumble dryer is using too much energy. Where are you going to dry your clothes?

Most of you will suggest hanging them inside the bathroom or perhaps to hang them on a radiator, and there’s no problem with that IF you allow adequate ventilation to occur. This can be easily accomplished by opening a window or installing a fan to allow the moisture heavy air to exit the property.

Failure to do so will result in the build up of moisture laden air in the property, which will then materialise onto cold surfaces such as your walls, where you will more than likely to see black spot mould.

Block Drafts With Blackout Curtains

Due to advances in the construction industry, modern properties tend to be sealed and airtight to prevent any warmth from leaving the property. Older properties, however, struggle to maintain a sufficient temperature thanks in part to older construction methods which can result in homeowners spending more on energy bills.

A simple preventative measure to retain heat is to install blackout blinds or energy saving curtains. Whilst in the day it is wise to open your curtains to allow heat into the property, at night however, blackout curtains can be extra handy in retaining that heat.

According to manufacturers, blackout curtains can substantially reduce thermal loss by up to 25%. If you’re spending a large amount of money on heating and cooling, the savings can accumulate quickly saving your money for the most important things in life.

Block Your Chimney

An unblocked fireplace can mean money up the chimney – hundreds of pounds each year. Thankfully, there are new innovations that can prevent such issues. Chimney Umbrellas, Chimney Balloons, and Chimney Sheeps to name just a few, which all help to block draughts, saving you money in the long-run.

Insulate Your Loft Hatch

As previously mentioned in our blogs, loft insulation is an extremely effective way to reduce your energy bills. Some energy experts believe that up to five percent of your heat can be lost through the hatch, so whilst you’re insulating your loft space, why not think about insulating your loft hatch? Remember that your safety is a number one priority,  make sure your ladder is positioned in a safe position and that the floor covering in the loft is safe to walk on.

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Incorporating some of these energy tips into your home will no doubt help reduce your energy bills over the autumn and winter period. With the dropping temperatures also brings many household problems, so keep a close eye around the house for signs of damp, rot, spoilt decor or even external defects. Any questions or concerns you may have can be answered directly by one of knowledgeable customer service team. Please contact your local Timberwise team on 0800 288 8660 for advice or to arrange a survey. Alternatively, complete the  on-line survey request form.