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5 Property Tips For Stay At Home Parents

19 January 2017

You’ve made the jump from working full time to looking after your children. Gone are the days of faulty photocopiers, stagnant coffee convo and Tesco meal deals. Now you’re victim to daytime TV, washing school clothes and dreaded housework. But, housework doesn’t have to be as tedious as first thought.

As property care specialists, we naturally have an undying love for homes.  It’s true, obsessive cleaning disorder comes with the job and we get our kick from it. In and out of the nation’s homes each day, we know a thing or two about the dilemmas stay at home parents have. That’s why we ‘ve put together our Top 5 Tips for the home-bound heroes.

Get Crafty

Decoration Ideas

No, we don’t mean go hide the Frozen DVD which your kids just can’t seem to let go of. We’re talking about crafty decor ideas to freshen up your home, and… keep your creativity juices flowing. Floating shelves, homemade air fresheners and suitcase dog beds are just a few of our favourites. The wonderful web’s full of ideas; so start your day off being more creative than the last.



Home cleaning schedule

Cleaning Tips

Always cleaning? Make a checklist of your daily objectives. Getting caught up with the ironing and kids football can be easily done. In order for you to be on the ball, allow yourself to have breaks throughout the day.  Sit down, put your feet up, enjoy a cuppa or a glass of wine depending on how much you’ve got on.


Include The Kids

Cleaning Your Home

Whether you’re cleaning, cooking, ironing or fixing, if your children show interest then get them involved! Now it may not be easy to turn your mundane tasks into adrenaline filled, Disney land euphoria, but there are certain ways you can get them to help around the house. Over time, they will learn to appreciate your efforts as well as help them build life skills along the way.



Property Maintenance

Property Maintenance

Spending the majority of your time in the home, means more appliances are running, more heat and more water. Think of your humble abode as a flashy sports car, the more you run it, the more maintenance it needs. Keep your eye out for broken door hinges, damp on walls, faulty roof tiles or even weeds in the garden. Small measures of property maintenance may seem a pain but they can save you a large amount of money in the future.


Invest In Quality Products

Timberwise mould removal kit
Without coming across like a Bounty advert, good products make for easier cleaning. There are a number of jobs around the house that require a little more quality than the value options we are offered. Investing in good quality equipment can make your day a whole lot easier. Now, we might not be able to tell you which window cleaner to use or how to get your dishes looking pearly white but we do know a thing or to about damp proofing. If this is your current dilemma, check out our range of products.