Moving House? Make it easier with these top tips

20 April 2017

Moving house is officially one of the most stressful things you can ever experience- it’s right up there with bereavement and divorce when it comes to depression and anxiety inducing life events. But it doesn’t have to be completely awful- it should also be a happy time that’s all about new possibilities. Following these simple steps will help alleviate some of the stresses and strains of moving house and help you get settled in no time.

Sound good? Then read on…

Make a list

Some people love lists, some think they’re an annoying waste of time. The reality is, if you want to move house successfully and efficiently a list is an essential item that you can’t avoid. Wimbledon estate agent, Robert Holmes says modern technology can help -“You can either go the old fashioned route with a pen and paper or use a project management app on your mobile device or PC- there are lots of great ones out there that help you prioritise your tasks and tick them off as you go for a sense of achievement.” Plaza Estates agrees. “If you leave it to chance you’re almost certainly likely to regret it further down the line when you realise you’ve forgotten something important.”

Do the paperwork

Even in today’s paperless world, moving house means a lot of admin work.  You’ll need to speak to your bank, the water board, gas, electricity and internet suppliers, not to mention all your personal contacts. Getting all the forms and letters done before you go will make things a lot easier when you arrive at your new property.

Label all your boxes

We can’t emphasise the importance of labelling your boxes strongly enough. It may seem easier to just bung all your possessions in bags, but when you get to the other end you’ll wish you hadn’t. If your boxes are clearly labelled according to room or items it will be twice as easy when you come to unpacking them. So, sit down with a good fat marker pen, wrap all your fragile items carefully in bubble wrap and put in a little bit of effort now- you’ll thank us later.

Hire some experts

Anyone who’s ever watched a professional removal company in action will tell you how much faster and more efficient the whole process becomes. Remember that these people do this day in, day out, and are physically fit enough to handle all the heavy items that could result in injury if you’re not quite up to it. Proskips says “hiring a skip hire business has financial and practical benefits – if you can afford to hire a team to help, it will certainly save you time and could even save you money too – imagine what a slipped disc could mean for your income.”

The main thing here is to be prepared. If you invest some time and organisation before moving, it doesn’t have to be stressful.  Follow our simple steps and you’ll be relaxing in your tidy, organised new home before you know it!


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