Top 10 Moving House Tips for 2017

19 May 2017

Moving House is something most of us do at least once in our lives. The great thing about that is that there are hundreds of tips and hacks for getting through the process easily. The most obvious piece of advice is to use a removal company. If you ask anyone who has used a professional removal company, they will tell you it was worth every penny. Moving house has a bad rep, everyone says it’s the most stressful time in a person’s life, on par with a divorce or a bereavement… It really doesn’t need to be. You can find a great deal on your removal company at Compare My Move and follow these 10 hacks if you’re moving house in 2017 and you’ll be just fine.

1. Operation Declutter

One of the most important things you can do before a house move is have a no fooling, serious, cut-throat clear out. Homes are breeding grounds for clutter. You’d be amazed how many useless items you have just laying around. Your removal cost will be affected by the volume of your belongings so if you don’t need it, fling it.

2. Nail Hack

You might find that when you take down your pictures, mirrors and wall hangings, you are leaving ugly holes in the wall. That’s hardly fair in the new tenants. Or you might find that your new home has been left with unfilled nail holes. A great hack is to rub a bar of soap over the hole. This will fill the hole and you can just paint over it. You can do the same with toothpaste.

3. Photo Shoot

When you are moving house, you will be taking everything down or apart. Unhooking and unplugging. Try taking photos of the back of your television or other electronics so that you can recreate the setup in your new home. You can also take photos of any wall displays or ornament placement you have in your home that you’d like to recreate at your new pad.

4. Be Inventive

Look around you. What can be used as a makeshift box? Moving house doesn’t have to be all cardboard boxes and bubble wrap. You’ll need those of course but you can also make good use of other unsuspecting items around your home. Load things into a bin, laundry basket, suitcase. Use sheets, towels and clothing as padding.

5. Vacuum Pack

To save on box or suitcase space, use vacuum pack bags, you can pack up entire wardrobes in one suitcase. Not only is this a great moving house tip, it’s also tonnes of fun.

6. Zip it

Get yourself some zip lock bags in various sizes. They are great for the tiny, fiddley bits you need to move and don’t want to lose. Wires and cables, nuts and bolts, medications, toiletries, documents… Zip lock the lot.

7. Open Sesame

On moving day, leave cupboard and cabinet doors open so you can keep track of what’s been packed and you can be sure that nothing is left behind.

8. Label

Labelling your boxes well will seriously save on time and hassle when it comes to unloading and unpacking. It’s a good idea to write on the box what room they have come from and going to, along with what’s inside. You can either write all of this or use colour coded stickers to help you identify what’s what.

9. Survival Kit

A moving day survival kit will consist of all those things you are going to need right away, things you can’t wait for. Everything else will be packed and you don’t want to be routing through all the boxes to find your essentials. This will usually contain your bedding, pyjamas, a change of clothes, phone charger, tools, cleaning products, toaster and kettle, toilet paper and maybe some snacks.

10. Odds n Ends

You can categorise like a pro but there will always be a few miscellaneous items that just don’t belong anywhere. It’s a good idea to group these items together in the same place and then pack them in the same box. Label it ‘Miscellaneous’ or ‘Odds and Ends’ and you’ll know what’s in there when it gets to the new house.

There you have it. A simple and straightforward list of tips and tricks to ease you through your moving day.


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