Why should you damp proof your basement?

6 June 2017

Basements are susceptible to having a damp as they are below ground level. Houses and basements are structurally secure but are not always effective when handling water drainage. Failing to slope the ground surface away from the foundation or drainage system is common among properties. Checking if you have a damp basement is often overlooked, as this is often just used for storage and is not used as living space. The basement also provides the foundation for which the house relies on for the structure.

The causes or reasons that water might be affecting a basement

When checking  your home for a wet or flooded basement the first place you should check is the outside of the property. Areas such as the gutters and other drainage systems should all be working efficiently and taking the water away. Damaged rainwater goods can be a cause of water ingress and should be replaced where necessary.

The property and the basement itself may look structurally sound, however, it may not be able to handle water pressure and may as a result show signs of dampness.

The signs that you may have a water related issue with your basement are:

  • Water trickling out of walls
  • Condensation occuringon cold walls and floor in the Summer
  • Damp and humidity in the air
  • Staining and blistering of wall coverings

The reasons why you should have basement waterproofing carried out

When looking at your basement you make initially think that it is just an old musty storage space for your junk and a place to do laundry, however, there may be more potential to do something with this area of the house. An un-used basement is potentially a lot of wasted space that could be used for so much more instead of being dedicated to bacteria and mould growth. Not only can this space give a real opportunity for creating a new lifestyle for you and your family – for example a home office or home cinema, a converted basement can add real value to your property.

Actions that should be taken to damp proof your basement

At Timberwise we provide basement or cellar waterproofing which involves the application of a waterproofing barrier to the walls of the basement – for example cavity drain membrane. Cavity drain membrane is designed to control the flow of water rather than stop it. Basement tanking (Applying a waterproof coating to the wall) is used usually in situations where there is no free flowing water or any risk of flooding. Tanking systems use a cementitious coating which can be using a trowel or even in some circumstances sprayed on to the wall with the main aim of creating a waterproof barrier. After this has been applied plaster can be used on top of these coatings.

It is also applied when there is an isolated problem. Where the property is in an area where there is poor drainage and a high water table there is a strong possibility that there will be problems with dampness in the basements.

The first step to having a dry basement is to call upon the services of a trained waterproofing surveyor. A specialist waterproofing surveyor will have the ability to design an effective waterproofing system to rectify any dampness issues with your property. At Timberwise we offer a number of ways to damp proof your basement dependent on the property and the requirements of the customer.

Converting a basement or cellar is a specialist task and waterproofing a basement should be undertaken by qualified experts – the CSSW (Certificated Surveyor in Structural Waterproofing qualification is the industry recognised qualification in waterproofing). To get the best waterproofing solution that is right for you and your property then all your needs should be compliant with current British Standards regulations – BS8102.

Contacting the waterproofing specialists

If you have a damp basement then it might be worthwhile to explore converting your basement to add extra living space to your home as well as extra value. Timberwise can provide you with the best waterproofing system to solve your damp basement problem.

If you contact Timberwise on 0800 288 8660 then our team of specialists can organise a specialist waterproofing contractor to be able to identify the full extent of the problem and provide you with a detailed report and waterproofing specification to give you a dry basement.

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