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Interior Design Tips for Landlords

18 July 2017

When it comes to rental properties, many landlords might think that cheap and cheerful is best. After all, tenants are notorious for not looking after a property quite as well as a home-owner occupier. And, with all the other costs that come with keeping a property well-maintained and ready for new tenants, why add expensive furniture, fixture and fittings into the mix?

From a financial perspective, that’s absolutely true. Having to update, re-decorate and touch-up a property in between tenants is a tiring and expensive business. But, with some thought, research and the right styling, keeping your rental property looking good and in top condition for your tenants, doesn’t have to cost the earth.

“The financial rewards of getting BTL investment right can be high, but the initial and regular associated costs can be high too,” said Best Gapp, Belgravia estate agent. “But, if you get the interior design of your rental property spot on, you’ll reap even bigger rewards and better tenants, too.”


As with all homes, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms that’s in constant use and can easily begin to look worn. Avoid that by installing a kitchen style that suits the type of tenants you’re targeting for that property.

So, if you have a new build or modern apartment, keep the styling contemporary but classic. If it’s an older house or family dwelling, something that’s got plenty of storage but goes with the property – maybe a shaker style or cosy country kitchen.

If it’s time for a refurb, don’t automatically go for the cheapest kitchen you can find. Instead, think about quality, ease of replacement or repair and durability. Provided you get the look and the quality right, there will likely be few tenants who won’t want to make an offer on your property!


Regardless of the style of property or your target market, a bathroom has to be clean, in full working order and include a toilet, sink and shower. If there’s room for a bath, then great, but ensure you have a good over-the-bath shower with it, too.

Sure, plenty of people enjoy a luxurious soak, but practicalities are considered most important when it comes to a bathroom. Also, even if there’s some colour elsewhere in the property, stick to a classic white suite. Every time.

“Bathrooms need to be clean and functional and a classic white suite accomplishes both those goals, easily,” said You Choose Windows. “If you really want to inject some colour, then do so with accessories or the flooring, but when it comes to the fixtures, a white suite is the right choice.”


This might seem like a tricky one, particularly when it comes to flats and apartments. Carpets and wooden flooring both have their share of pros and cons.

A carpet can be easy to replace and is comfortable and warm to walk on when your shoes are off. It also muffles any sound filtering downwards to properties that are below yours. But, they do often require regular replacement. And while that’s something that can be done quite easily, it’s a cost you need to factor in more often than in home-owner occupied properties.

Wooden flooring, meanwhile, can be expensive to fit and can also be noisy for downstairs neighbours. But, it’s easy-to-clean and maintain once it is down. And, it can be easily accessorised with rugs of the tenant’s choice, to personalise their rental home.


Painted walls are the best way to go as they’re easy-to-clean, maintain, touch up and change. But, that doesn’t mean you have to stick with magnolia!

While it might not pay to be too outrageous with your choice of colour, adding a splash of colour in other light shades, with the odd accent wall, is sure to attract the right tenants. Plus, if you’re engaging long-term tenants, they can easily paint their preferred colours – provided they stick to any guidelines you’ve implemented.

“Tenants are no longer impressed by the bland magnolia walls, that featured so heavily in the rental market during the nineties and noughties,” said Denhan Guaranteed Rent. “Adding a little personality and using colour to show off the best aspects of your BTL property, can really help you to secure the right tenants who will look after your property well.”


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