Flooding in the street

The 4 steps you need to take after a flood

8 August 2017

Recently the South West of England has seen heavy rain send a 4ft torrent crashing into the streets of Cornwall. With debris littering the streets and many homes damaged, what are the next steps you should take after a flood?

The 4 flood restoration steps are …

1.Allow the property to dry out naturally

Is the ventilation in your property adequate enough to dry out your home? If your property remains damp following a 48 hour period, you will likely face visible and extensive mould growth.

This can be prevented through the installation of dehumidifiers and cavity drain membranes which can help your home dry out naturally and efficiently.

2.Sanitise all areas in the property that are affected by foul/black water

After a flood, health risks are always present.  This is due to the raw sewage and unpleasant bacteria that is carried through the floodwater, this is known as “foul water” or “black water”.

Therefore, a sewage contamination inspection/mould and bacteria sampling is recommended to ensure the health and well-being of those who have been exposed to the water.

3.Strip out of damaged timber from your property and treat affected areas

Ignoring flood damaged timber over time can increase the risk of dry rot problems, timber such as flooring and skirting boards should be treated, and where necessary, replaced to defend against dry rot/fungal decay taking hold and spreading

4. Evaluate the requirement for a new damp proof course, and where necessary install a new damp proof course

It’s now time to think of a damp proofing method for controlling moisture that has built up within walls and floors, to ensure that the property is made dry and damp free again.

Flood remediation work should always be carried out by experts, and if your home has been flooded it’s always worth calling in the professionals they know how to make sure it’s taken care of properly and prevent further damage later along the line.

Timberwise are a reliable and trusted property care company with over 45 years of expertise in solving problems caused by water to property and know the best way to deal with properties that have suffered with flood damage.

If you, or anyone you know has been affected by flooding in your area call Timberwise on 0800 288 8660 or request a survey.