Surveyor checking property

Bank Holiday Property Health Check

25 August 2017

With the long weekend ahead of us, we know it should be the perfect opportunity to bring out the patio furniture and stock up on charcoal for the BBQ –  but, it’s also the perfect time to give your property the “quick once over” to get ready for autumn before those long dark nights start to set in. Let’s take a look at some of the main problems you should look out for:

Rising Damp

Rising damp is caused by moisture finding its way into your home through brickwork or stonework. Too see if rising damp is present there are certain checks that can be made by yourself without the assistance of a damp surveyor.

A simple visual inspection and  running your hands around the suspected rising damp area will allow you to identify if there is a problem or not. The typical signs of identifying rising damp include the following:

  • Horizontal brown or discloured marks to be seen up to 1 meter in h
    eight on interior walls. These will be damp to touch and otherwise known as ‘Tide Marks’
  • Plaster will bubble and peel away from the interior walls
  • Wooden beading and skirting boards will become brittle and eventually show the signs of deterioration
  • Mould on walls
  • Walls will feel damp when touched


Woodworm is one of the most common forms of damage in timber in the UK. One of the most unfortunate parts of a woodworm infestation is that the signs of the problem are only visible at the end of the woodworm’s lifecycle. This is when the woodworm beetle breaks free from within the timber to continue its breeding.

The signs to look out for are what we call exit holes. These holes in the wood or timber can be between 2 and 5 mm in diameter meaning they can often be spotted up close without the need for a magnifying glass, unless there is a large infestation and many exit holes together.

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