Why basement waterproofing is as easy as A,B,C

28 March 2018

The world of waterproofing is full of technical terminology and jargon and with various stages to consider from and initial concept and the design of the basement through to the installation of the finished waterproofing solution the transforming of your musty old basement into further living space for your family can soon become confusing.

There are 3 types of waterproofing systems available to the waterproofing design specialist when considering how best to waterproof your basement. To make life easier we have broken down the different types of waterproofing available below and explain how each system works, making waterproofing as easy as A,B,C.

The 3 different Waterproofing types to consider:

Type A: Barrier Protection

Defined as ‘barrier protection’. This is where the waterproofing material is applied either internally or externally, sandwiched between two types of construction or applied on the inner face of the basement structure, quite literally creating a barrier to stop water entering the area.





Type B: Structurally Integral Protection

The structure is formed as a watertight construction within the foundations of the building. It requires no additional protection and usually found within structures based in city centres.








Type C: Drained Protection

Cavity Drainage Membrane works by allowing the water to continue to penetrate through the wall. The flow of the water is then controlled through Perimeter Drainage Channel, it is designed to collect water at the bottom of a cavity drainage membrane and is then pumped away from the building and disposed of safely elsewhere.

So there you have it – the 3 different types of waterproofing explained. To find out more about waterproofing check out our easy to understand waterproofing explained download.






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