Timberwise logo shown on base of aircraft

Celebrating 50 years of specialist property care and preservation

11 October 2018

As we reach the golden milestone of 50 years in the property care and preservation industry this year, the celebrations moved into overdrive with Timberwise hosting a family get together for all parts of our business along with a few familiar faces from our past.

We ate, drank, laughed and danced the night away at the Imperial War Museum in Manchester. With iconic 1960’s pop culture references projected on the walls as we transported our guests way back when as a reminder to all of how far we’ve come.

Timberwise Chairman and Managing Director, Mark Edwards, welcomed everyone with a few words, reminding us that the company has not lost sight of the family values and robust culture that allows Timberwise to continually stand out from its competitors.

I’ve always been proud to say Timberwise is a family-run company with strong values. We know that having the right team in place, both past and present, has been crucial in our growth. We have no plans to slow with our goal of becoming the “go-to” property preservation experts

Mark Edwards, Chairman and Managing Director