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6 easy steps to prepare your home for sale

15 November 2018

Homeowners decide to sell their homes for a number of different reasons, sometimes it’s because they’ve outgrown their current home and need something bigger.  Whatever the reason, when it comes to preparing your home for sale you need to ensure that it looks as good as the day you bought it (or even better in some cases). We’ve pulled together a list of things that homeowners should do when preparing their home for sale…

1. Start with the exterior and garden

What’s the first thing potential buyers see’s when they pull up for a house viewing? It’s definitely not the inside of the house – they see the exterior and the garden!

The old saying ‘’First impressions matter” makes perfect sense here and you’d be wise to ensure the exterior of your home including the garden is in good shape before booking any viewings!

If you’ve got any rubbish lying around from renovations be sure to get rid of it. When it comes to the garden, mow the lawn, trim the hedges and neaten up any shrubbery if has grown out too much and looks out of place.

2. Give everything a fresh lick of paint

Redecorating is crucial for almost every home sale and a fresh lick of paint in a few rooms can do wonders.

When deciding what colours to paint the rooms it’s better to go for something more neutral. This is simply because when potential buyers are envisaging themselves living in a new home if they have something neutral to work with it’s much easier for them to picture changing it to their liking. Colours that are too bright or bold have the tendency to put people off.

3. Declutter

Decluttering is another essential part of preparing your home for sale, why?

If you leave too many things out and about for a viewing it will no doubt make the rooms look smaller than they actually are which could potentially ruin your chances of selling up.

It’s smarter to strategically place certain items and furniture in and around the rooms to make them look more expansive.

4. Deep clean everything

This one is pretty straightforward but requires more effort which many homeowners are sadly not up to doing these days.

Buyers are getting smarter and smarter and often look at areas of a home that you wouldn’t normally expect, so if you haven’t cleaned a certain area properly and it’s found by someone who is viewing your property you can bet they won’t be happy!

Although this type of mistake is easily rectifiable by agreeing with a buyer to get it cleaned before they move in, don’t let a little bit of laziness jeopardize your chances of selling your home.

5. Make the necessary repairs

No matter how well organised or vigilant you are when it comes to maintaining your home, it’s likely that you still have a few small niggly issues to deal with every now and then.

If you’re looking to sell up it’s wise to eliminate as many of these as you can before booking any viewings in, so whether it’s the door handle not turning properly or a leaky tap get it fixed as soon as possible!

The last thing you want is to be made a lower offer for your home because you didn’t take the time to sort out a few small issues.

6. Consider updating run down rooms

If you live in an older property or have been living in the same one for a long while and haven’t renovated in a while then rooms like your kitchen or bathroom could start to look a little worn out and run down.

If it’s within your budget, it may be a good idea to get these changed in order to boost your chances of a sale.

If you cannot afford to replace every part of a room then replace the parts that look the worst, for example, in the kitchen, you could replace the table tops, cupboards or just the sink. In the bathroom, you could replace the taps or the bathtub.

The Bottom Line

There’s no doubt among experts that preparing your home properly will boost the chances of a sale for your property. Taking that extra time out to ensure your property looks great will definitely work in your favour!

That said, if you’re someone who doesn’t have the funds available to prepare your home properly or you just want to a quick sale, house buying specialists like Housebuyers4u might be an option for you.


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