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Snow thaw leads to flooding. Here’s how to protect your home…

31 January 2019

With England, Wales and Scotland frequently being forecast heavy snow, blizzards and icy weather, we can often expect our journey times to take longer and possible school closures. It’s also important to be mindful of problems a lot closer to home as once the milder temperatures set in and the snow has thawed, a more serious problem is imminent… flooding.

Did you know?

In the UK five million people are vulnerable to flooding each year 

Why would my basement flood?

Cellars and basements are, by nature, inherently damp areas. However, they can flood as a result of changes in the local groundwater regime, bursts in service pipes or after periods of heavy rainfall and severe weather conditions. The issue of flooding can be a major problem for properties that have basements. In a majority of cases, they have not been prepared to handle incoming dampness or water and as a result become more susceptible to flooding. As basements tend to be either partially or fully below ground flooding can, therefore, prove to be a major problem.

What should I do about my flooded basement?

Don’t ignore the issue or leave flood restoration to a later date, be sure to look for…

Structural damage

Most structural damage is obvious to the eye, so be sure to look for large cracks in walls, if the structural integrity of your property is ignored it can become dangerous.

Mould growth 

Even after severe weather conditions have passed, health risks may still be present especially unpleasant bacteria that is carried through the floodwater and melted snow. Mould growth can also attack the property, leading to cause health risks such as respiratory problems.

The correct steps need that need to be taken are…

  • Sanitising all areas in the property that are affected by foul/black water
  • Stripping out of damaged timber from your property
  • Allowing the property to dry out naturally through the installation of dehumidifiers or the installation of cavity drain membrane systems
  • Treat, and where necessary, replace timbers to defend against dry rot/fungal decay taking hold at a later date
  • Where the property has a basement or cellar evaluate the need for basement waterproofing, and where necessary install waterproofing solutions – for example, sump and pump systems
  • Improve water repellence of external brickwork

How can I keep my basement dry?

If you are looking to give your property a better resilience to floods then a survey must be carried out by a Waterproofing Design Specialist. During the inspection, our Surveyor will inspect for potential water ingress and signs of damp within the basement.

If your property already has a waterproofing system installed, our surveyor will perform an inspection of its condition and asses why it has failed. A report will be sent to you outlining the issues discussed on the day of the inspection and provide you with a custom waterproofing/amp solution.

There are three types of waterproofing methods to consider…

  • Type A: Barrier Protection (External, Sandwiched or Internal)
  • Type B: Structurally Integral Protection (Usually to the relevant British Standard and of reinforced concrete structure) (BS 8007 and BS 8110)
  • Type C: Drained Protection (Cavity Drain Membranes and Construction Drained Cavities)

Who should I speak to?

Flood restoration, and subsequently waterproofing your basement, is a specialist task and should only be undertaken by qualified experts. As Waterproofing Design Specialists, Timberwise can turn cold, damp cellars and basements into dry extra living or storage space. We have a range of waterproofing solutions available to suit not just the property but your available budget as well.

Using some of the most modern and robust sump pumps on the market, Timberwise can remove flood water from basements and cellars. Within our waterproofing armoury, we have a range of automatic submersible pumps that are fitted with alarms as well as the option of a back-up facility should the mains power ever be interrupted in the basement or cellar. Our team of Waterproofing Design Specialists can help determine which of our high-quality waterproofing sump pumps are right for your property.

Contact Timberwise

Timberwise works in conjunction with insurers and loss adjusters and knows the best way to deal with properties that have suffered from flood damage. We are a reliable and trusted property care company with over 50 years of expertise in solving problems caused by water to the property. For more information about how to protect your home from flooding then click the following link