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Timberwise becomes members of the Basement Waterproofing Association (BWA)

4 January 2019

 The Basement Waterproofing Association (BWA) is a trade body that represents manufacturers, suppliers and installers of below-ground waterproofing products, which are all designed to protect below ground structures from the ingress of water.

It is essential that all basement conversion waterproofing works are designed a CSSW Qualified Surveyor and the work is undertaken to the British Standard BS8102: 2009. By choosing a BWA member you are gaining access to a wealth of waterproofing expertise. The BWA promotes the highest of standards and further insists that all BWA members are also members of the PCA (Property Care Association).

There are many factors to be taken into consideration when looking at any basement conversion, and these include the underlying ground conditions, the correct specification of materials, and also understanding how the room is to be used once converted in order to give the best advice without in any way compromising the installation.

We have seen many installations undertaken by non-competent/unqualified people, and further, the work being undertaken was not even designed by an industry qualified professional.

As below ground waterproofing is a very specialist area, it requires an holistic approach to ensure that the right materials and equipment is specified depending upon the site circumstances, and the severity of water ingress now or likely in the future.

Belowground conversions can be used for a wide variety of uses ranging from home cinemas, gymnasiums, and just general additional living space.

The conversion of any basement into a dry waterproof habitable room must be designed by a Waterproofing Design Specialist, in order for them to take full responsibility for the design and liability of the basement waterproofing project as well as being covered by long-term guarantees for total peace of mind.

Another aspect of belowground waterproofing that is frequently overlooked is one of the regular servicing of the sump and pump system to ensure that they are free-flowing and, working effectively and further there are no potential blockages that could lead to failure and ultimately result in a pump not operating as designed, and the installation being compromised by flooding.

With over 50 years’ experience in the waterproofing of properties both domestic and commercial, we are the perfect partner for anyone looking to install a fully compliant basement waterproofing system. We look at our new membership of the BWA as being a further endorsement in the quality of our work, and thoroughly professional approach in all areas

Charles Edwards, Director of Waterproofing

Timberwise offers a full post installation sales maintenance service, thus ensuring that at a minimum the pump is serviced on an annual basis and the system inspected to ensure that it is still working and it’s not in danger of being compromised through an imminent or potential failure. Selecting the right materials and certainly only using quality products is essential, as it is the correct design of the sump and pump chamber together with any other electronic telemetry that may be available to keep the customer fully informed as to the performance of their newly installed system.

Not all products are fully tested for quality compliance, and further not all systems offer the level of accessories and fixing plugs/ tapes that are required to deal with a wide variety of installation challenges.

Constant training in both health and safety and quality of work is essential to maintain the highest of Installation standards, and a commitment to the highest quality of service and work is our aim whether it be a domestic or commercial installation.

Some of the keywords that we consider are essential in the correct and ethical approach of any waterproofing installation works are quality/expertise/training/accreditations/guarantees.

As property preservation specialists, we are not only able to undertake below ground waterproofing installations, but we are able to offer advice and a solution for all other forms of common property problems whether they be domestic or commercial ranging from rising damp through to timber treatments and structural repairs.