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Key Steps in Waterproofing a Commercial Building

5 February 2021

When it comes to a commercial operation, it’s more than likely that a lot of your day to day operations are going to be dependant on having a main location that your business operates from. It’s fair to say then that any disruption to your main commercial building is going to have a significant effect on the overall effectiveness of your business.

Making sure that your commercial building is entirely protected against the elements then is going to be a key step in making sure that your business encounters as few problems throughout the year as possible. The question is though, what do you need to know about waterproofing your commercial property before you call out the waterproofing specialists?

Learn if You Are Already Protected

If your basement looks like this, it’s time to call in the specialists

When it comes to waterproofing and commercial property, you will be happy to know that if your building already has a basement installed in it, the chances are that it has already been treated with a waterproofing solution in one form or another.

You can read more about the different types of waterproofing solutions available here, but when it comes to commercial buildings the chances are that your property will have a Type A or Type b system installed within it. These systems are often installed at the time of the properties construction, so you could already have a barrier protection system (Type A) or a structurally integral (Type B) system in place.

Now if this is the case you may have found that in the past you have been spared any damages from rainfall and excess water, but if you have begun to discover water leaks in your basement recently then there is every chance that your pre-installed waterproofing system has failed, and could be beyond repair – it’s at this stage you should make a call to us, a professional waterproofing company, so that we can dispatch a waterproofing specialist to assess your situation.

Of course, you could have come into possession of a commercial building featuring Type C waterproofing – a cavity drainage system.

Now, if you have discovered that you have a cavity drainage system in place within your commercial building, then chances are that it has been fitted by a professional waterproofing company to deal with a previous leak, that has since been fixed.

So, before you take any action just be sure to discover exactly what kind of waterproofing (if any) your commercial building has, and whether you will require to take any further action. If though, you are reading this article because you have discovered a leak, or have found out that your building lacks a proper waterproofing solution then its time to take the next step.

Call a Professional Commercial Waterproofing Specialist

When it comes to fixing a leak within your commercial property, the very first thing you are going to need to do is arrange for a waterproofing specialist to come out and assess not only the damage done, but how it could potentially be remedied – including the time and cost it would take.

Luckily, these surveys are conducted by specialist waterproofing surveyors, so you will be able to have confidence in their verdict whatever it may be. They will be able to advise you not only on the immediate action that you should take and which waterproofing solution is the right choice for your basement, but also the timescale that you should expect it to run to.

Basically, calling out a specialist waterproofing surveyor to survey your commercial property isn’t just going to give you an idea on the cost fixing a potential leak, but also an idea as to the amount of disruption and interruption a leak and fix combined will have on your business. This will be valuable information in the next step.

Plan for Possible Business Disruption

If you have had a visit from your waterproofing surveyor, then you are probably going to have a better idea about both the timeline and type of work to be undertaken.

So, use this as an opportunity to plan for any potential disruption that could take place at your main commercial building as a result. Now, with the team at Timberwise being professional waterproofing specialists, we know that the actual disruption to your commercial building will be kept to a minimum.

Our specialist waterproofing technicians will require access to and from your basement where the leak has sprung, as well as for the basement to be cleared so that the actual cavity membrane can be fixed to your basements floor and walls. Outside of that, disruption will be kept to an absolute minimum.

However, if your commercial building does use its basement for purposes such as storage, working facilities, or even manufacturing, then you will want to make arrangements to ensure that your business can weather the waterproofing process smoothly.

Get Waterproofed

A completed basement waterproof project!

Once you have made sure that your commercial property is ready to have its basement waterproofed, then it will be time to actually welcome in the specialist waterproofing technicians, and let them do their job. Usually, this will mean a type C waterproofing solution being erected within your property basement, but this step is one that you do not need to worry about at all – all it will take for your basement to be totally waterproofed is a matter of time.

Once the technicians have completed their work, you will once again be able to plaster) and fill your basement to be used as it was before the leak began. All that will be left to do will be to fill out your commercial basement once more and continue your regular operations.

It really is that easy, from realising your problem, to having it professionally identified, to having it fixed, all it will take is a phone call. We are open and ready to give you the free advice you need to make sure that your commercial property recovers healthily from its most recent leak, or to ensure that it never leaks in the first place.

Want to know more? Give us a call on 0800 288 8660 and talk to us about the different options available to you when it comes to commercial waterproofing.