Engineer servicing a basement pump

Why Basement Pump Servicing is Important?

2 March 2021

People presume that their basement waterproofing system will keep their basement dry day after day, year after year without needing any form of attention. We believe that with every basement you should invest in a sump pump system as without one it leaves the basement vulnerable to problems from water ingress. The basement sump pump system works alongside a cavity drain membrane system by ensuring that you have a dry basement. Most property owners then use their dry basement for extra storage space or an extra living room.

At the heart of every basement waterproofing system is the sump and pump unit. This is where any groundwater within the basement as well any water that was collected from the cavity drain membrane and is then pumped to a convenient drain off location. Having maintenance of the sump pump system is necessary so that it is always operating at its best.

Without an annual inspection of the waterproofing system though can you really rely on your sump and pump unit to keep your basement dry?

Why Basement Sump and Pump Systems Fail?

Over a period of time, dirt and debris can block the sump pump and prevent it from working efficiently. If there is a power outage, for whatever reason, that causes the main pump to lose power it will not function. This is certainly a problem if you don’t have a battery back up pump installed as part of your basement waterproofing system.

If the float switch has become overworked then the basement sump and pump system may stop working efficiently and ultimately may stop working altogether. For all the reasons explained it is important that to remain effective, your basement system needs to be inspected and cleaned regularly. Flooding is another reason why sump pump systems fail, and the UK is vulnerable to flooding more and more every year.flooded basement

Flooding can be a real problem including damage to the property, costs of fixing the flooding problem and in worst cases can cause homelessness. Having a sump pump system with a cavity drain membrane system can help reduce the chances of flooding occurring in your basement.

The sump chambers benefit from having easy to remove lids which allow easy access to the pumps whilst the perimeter drainage has inspection ports fitted to allow the system to be ‘flushed’ and any mud and silt to be removed.

The pictures below show a recently serviced sump pump unit. Here you can quite clearly see where mud has collected in the sump chamber and then “sucked” up by the impellar. The mud and silt can be seen inside the pump unit and finally a fully cleaned and checked unit ready to be put back in position.From dirty sump pump to clean serviced unit

How Often Should Servicing for Your Basement Sump Pump Be Carried Out?

This is often a question asked by our customers and this is very much dependant on the risk that your property is facing including: potential flooding and how often the sump pump system is in use. In most cases servicing will only need to be carried out once a year, however, we recommend every 6 months to be sure. This is especially the case when you have recently had your basement sump pump installed.

It is also recommended from the British Standards that sump pumps should be serviced on a 6-month basis. The reason for this recommendation is that basements are at risk to flooding, which as we already explained earlier, is a big problem affecting properties in the UK.

Contact The Basement Sump and Pump Co For Basement Pump Servicing

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