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Does Basement Waterproofing Increase Home Value?

31 August 2021

One of the most stressful times in anyone’s life is moving house and selling a property, and the big payoff to such a massive upheaval is either found in a fantastic new place to live, or the money made on the sale of the property itself.

So, making sure that you are getting the most out of any property sale is incredibly important, and one of the ways to do just that is by maximising the potential of all the space in your property – and that includes the basement.

There are going to be those reading this still on the fence about having their basement waterproofed, and hopefully this article will put forward a solid and convincing argument that waterproofing your basement is a cost that will pay for itself – in both the short term, and the long.

Can Waterproofing a Basement Increase a Property’s Value?

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The short answer is yes. Of course it would. Waterproofing a basement means that you are opening up an entirely new space in your property to the possibility of inhabitation or storage. In less clinical terms it means a whole new space in which people can sleep, watch television, work on their hobbies or keep what is precious to them.

So, just like an extension onto a property, you are literally adding value onto your building via additional space. Simple stuff. But there is actually more value in waterproofing a basement than just extra space.

How Can Waterproofing a Basement Add Value to a Property?

Protection Against Water Damage

Walls and floor in a basement covered in cavity drain membrane

One of the major features of waterproofing that is going to put value onto your property is the fact that an incredibly susceptible area of your home to water damage is now going to be protected against just that.

This means that your basement is going to be safe against the first and foremost form of water damage: leaks. A fast-flowing leak in your basement could spell out costly repairs, the replacement of furniture and other possessions, and potentially even structural damage.

Implementing a robust and effective waterproofing system means that your home is going to be safeguarded against these dangers, and from a property sale and insurance perspective, added costs and risks.

Basement waterproofing provides peace of mind against these kinds of incursions, and can save your basement from potentially sale ruining repair work having to take place.

Protecting Your Properties Foundations

Man applying slurry to a basement wall from a bucket

Your properties foundations are vital, even those with no experience or wider knowledge in the field of construction should know that a buildings foundations are crucial when it comes to the structural integrity and long life of any property.

So, it should be a welcome relief that waterproofing a properties basement is a big step towards safeguarding a property against potential wear, tear, and weakening of a properties foundations.

That’s because any liquid that does manage to leak into your basement and soak into the floor is only going to add to the deterioration of your foundations.

This could be through several different ways, one of which could be that the water entering your basement is via a crack in one of the external facing walls. As more water pours in, the crack widens, and the amount of water soaking into your floor increases, weakening your foundations as a direct knock on effect.

So, waterproofing your basement isn’t just protecting your possessions from liquid damage, but actually your property itself – and the entire foundation on which it stands.

Energy Saving and Eco Friendly

Anyone who owns property is all too aware of the ongoing costs of heating and cooling. So, how can basement waterproofing help to offset these costs, and contribute towards a healthier climate?

It’s pretty simple really. A well waterproofed basement is going to be much easier to keep regulated when it comes to temperature. There won’t be any faults or wall cracks through which heat can escape, nor will there be any water entering the property bringing a colder climate in.

All this means that the actual costs of heating your property are going to drop, as none of that heat is going to be going to waste within your basement. By the same token, any effort you might be making to reduce condensation in a basement via a dehumidifier is going to be reduced drastically, as the extra moisture leaking into the basement has had an end put to it.

All of this means your home is going to be consuming less energy, and as a direct result burning less fuel, and costing much less to run day to day. That’s nice for you as the owner, but it makes any property listing more attractive, as energy efficient properties are always more prized than ones that have poor energy ratings.

Visual Appeal

A refurbished basement can make all the difference

A basement can be a major draw when it comes to a property. You will find that in many cases estate agents will even make the effort to show off and highlight the basement when it comes to making a sale, but if you have a totally unfurnished basement that is prone to damp, mould and all of the other nasty knock on effects associated with a leaking basement, chances are that it isn’t going to be a point of pride.

So, by waterproofing a basement not only are you going to avoid all of the nastiness associated with a leak like damp and mould growth, but you are going to have a nicer space in which to live. You will be able to fit out your basement with things like carpets, fully furnished walls, sofas, chairs, televisions or hi-fi systems.

It can be an additional living room, a music room a bedroom – or even just a dry storage area in which you can keep items you find precious. All of this is fantastic whilst you live in a property, but when it comes time to list your property for sale, you are going to find that estate agents and prospective buyers are going to be much more interested in a fully furnished or ready to go room, rather than one that needs waterproofing undertaking.

If you were at all worried about the cost of waterproofing, then this is also the aspect to look at when it comes to recouping that cost. Waterproofing and upscaling a basement is a sure fire way to add value onto a property, possibly even giving you a profit on that initial waterproofing cost.

Waterproofing Your Basement to Raise Your Property Value

If you have an unprotected basement and are looking for a way to put additional value into your property, then a waterproofing solution could be for you. Just get in touch with our team today who will be able to take you through the entire process, from survey to job completion, all done at your convenience and to your time frame. Call 0800 288 8660 or get in touch online to begin today.