Horizontal mortar joint cracking on external wall

How to Repair Cracks in External Walls?

2 November 2021

Cracks in the walls of your property are never a good thing. Outside of being indicative of the likes of a house settling, or damp setting in, it could mean that there are more deep-set issues at play such as foundation disrepair that needs immediate attention.

Regardless of the cause, more likely than not upon discovery of a crack in your properties exterior walls, you will want to repair it.

So, how can you repair a crack in an exterior wall? Hopefully, this article gives you an idea.

The Types of Cracks in Your Wall

One of the first things that you will need to understand when it comes to repairing a crack in your exterior wall is exactly what kind of crack you are dealing with.

There are two main types of crack that can appear in your masonry: Stepped and vertical.

Stepped cracks are typically found near the corners of buildings, following the mortar joints rather than appearing in a vertical line. You will usually find stepped cracks in a property where there has been a fault with the foundations involving movement, commonly subsidence.

Vertical cracks are much simpler to spot, simply being a straight crack running vertically up the exterior wall. You will find that vertical cracks are usually the result of a lack of support beneath a property, commonly caused by the soil not being correctly compacted, or even falling victim to water-based damage.

Once you have ascertained which type of crack in the wall you are suffering from, it’s time to begin the repairs.

Remedy the Underlying Problem

If you have suffered from a crack in your walls it’s vitally important that before you undertake any repairs to the walls themselves, that you have the cause of the cracks appearing remedied.

This means that if you are in need of foundation repair for example, that you have the foundation repair work completed before you begin on any repairs to your walls.

The simple reason for this is that if you make some repairs on your walls before the underlying cause is treated, you are only going to see the original problem come back, or further cracks will start to appear that require constant repair, leading you into a cycle of cracks and repair.

Make sure that before you undertake or commission repair work on your walls that you have the underlying cause treated.

How to Repair the Cracks in Your Wall

The best and cheapest way to repair any cracks in your external walls is via the implementation of a technique known as crack stitching. Crack stitching is the process of installing stainless steel helical bars within your wall that hold together the two split ends of the wall, restoring the integrity of the wall itself and eliminating the possibility of further degradation.

Now, the actual process of installing crack stitching is often a complicated one, and with the nature of the work itself affecting the very structural integrity of your property, it’s important to entrust the work to trained professionals who fully understand the installation process.

The first step in the installation of crack stitching is the raking out of the mortar joints that will be used to insert the helical bars. They will be raked out to 500mm on each side of the crack using a special grinding tool, which will then be made wet to remove any lingering dust, and then have a fixing grout applied ready for the helical bar installation.

The helical bar is installed by being fully inserted into the grout that has been freshly applied to the wall. This helical bar will act as a stitch, inserted within the crack to hold the wall together, preventing further faults in the wall itself. Then, the area over the top of the helical wall will be repointed so that your wall appears to have no fault at all.

This system isn’t reserved for flat walls either – crack stitching can be deployed around corners too if that is where your crack repair needs to take place.

Arrange to Have Your Cracked Wall Repaired Today

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