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Why You Need A Property Care Association Accredited Specialist

29 July 2022

Having a survey carried out on any property is often a staple of the purchasing process. Whether you are buying a new home to live in, or new premises for your business to operate in, your mortgage provider will more than likely want a professionals opinion on the health and state of the property you are interested in.

So, why might you need a PCA (Property Care Association) member to carry out the survey on your property for a lender – and why are PCA members the ones to choose when it comes to any property care survey?

Why You Need an Accredited PCA Member to Survey Your Property


One of the main reasons that you will want a member of the Property Care Association (The PCA) to be the ones undertaking your property survey is first and foremost because of the reliability and trust that you can place in the PCA, and their choice of members.

Every single surveyor on the Timberwise team (for example) is required to complete accreditation courses ran by the PCA, as well as other certificates to ensure that their judgements and findings are as accurate and helpful as possible.

This means that any survey from a PCA accredited Timberwise surveyor is going to factor in the latest industry standards and quality available in the UK. It’s not just the results you can depend on either.

Members of the PCA are also able to offer insurance backed guarantees on their work through the Guarantee Protection Trust (GPT). This means that any long term guarantees offered by the original trader who completed the work in the first instance will be backed up and acted on in the event that the business who first carried out work at your property fails.

Contrast that with using a non-PCA accredited surveyor. Not only will the quality of the survey itself be possibly in doubt (due to the possible lack of industry training), but you may also be ‘rolling the dice’ when it comes to the accuracy of the findings and suggestions from the survey.

Every single survey delivered by Timberwise, and other members of the PCA is designed to give a clear and accurate picture of your property, and the potential property care issues within.

You can rely on our suggestions to increase the standing and health of any property, and the PCA can back up any of our findings to prove it.


Male surveyor meeting a homeowner on the doorstep

PCA accreditation is a valued and respected badge to hold in the property care industry. You might think that because a company are members of the PCA that surveys from a qualified and accredited company are going to be more expensive.

Not so.

In fact, a survey from a PCA accredited professional can actually save you money in the long run. Our surveyors, being highly trained, are capable of finding all of the potential property care issues present in the building and suggesting remedial work all in the same report.

Not only does this mean that you will only need the one survey from our PCA backed surveyors, but that our team may be able to pick up on issues that you never knew were developing in your property, saving you from future surprise and unexpected repair costs.

Also, because all our work is also backed up by the PCA Promise, you can rely on our guarantees to see that any work completed on the back of our surveys is kept in top condition, with any further repairs being caried out by a team of specialists should it be needed.

A PCA backed survey isn’t just cost effective regarding the survey results, but also long into the future after work has been carried out.

PCA Recognition from Banks, Mortgage Lenders, and Other Professional Bodies

Anyone who has bought property before, or is currently buying a property knows just how thorough, strict, and rigorous the purchase process can be.

Bear that in mind when we tell you that many banks and other lenders tend to request that any property survey they ask for on a potential purchase is undertaken by an accredited member of the PCA.

Lenders recognise the integrity and industry standing of the PCA, and any member of the PCA will be able to provide an utterly trustworthy investigation for the lender and purchaser, meaning that the diagnosis from the surveyor on site can be trusted, and any potential risk to the lender is identified.

Now consider what might happen if you don’t use a PCA accredited surveyor for any damp and timber survey that your lender requests.

Once the results have been handed to you, and you have paid for that survey to be carried out, you may find yourself having to reach into your pocket again to have another survey completed, as your lender may not accept the original.

This is not ideal, and these costs can add up very quickly. Its best to avoid them entirely, and go for a recognised member of the PCA in the first instance, to speed up your home buying process and to help avoid disappointment.


Every single survey delivered by Timberwise, and other members of the PCA is designed to give a clear and accurate picture of your property, and the potential property care issues within. Our team go through several sittings of exams, training, and accreditations before they are allowed to survey a property unsupervised, just so we can be as confident in their work as you are.

Any time you look for a damp, timber, or other property care based survey with a provider not endorsed by the PCA you are potentially risking your properties health, as the findings and quality of the survey you receive might not be up to the standards you as a consumer, and the PCA as the leading trade association expect.

Unendorsed surveyors have no accountability or minimum requirements as far as actually conducting a survey goes. Just remember, if you do choose to have a non PCA member conduct a property care survey for you, you may not receive accurate or even good faith surveys.

Booking a Survey with a PCA Endorsed Member

If you are looking for a member of the PCA to carry out a damp and timber survey for you, or any kind of property care survey, then you need look no further than Timberwise.

Timberwise ensures that its surveying and technical team complete the various courses that the PCA requires of its  members, and continue their professional development throughout their time at Timberwise.

If you want to arrange a survey with our team, just call 0800 288 8660, or fill in one of our forms online.

You can see our certificate naming us as a member of the PCA here.