Closeup of exposed wet rot damage to exterior of property

Will Wet Rot Dry Out?

5 June 2023

Due to our often wet and rainy weather conditions wet rot is an extremely common problem in timber of all kinds in properties throughout the UK.

That means that there are plenty of people wondering how exactly do we treat a wet rot problem, and asking will wet rot just dry out if left alone?

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How is Wet Rot Treated?

The treatment process for wet rot involves identifying the moisture source causing the problem and cutting this water source off entirely. Without this consistent water dry rot simply cannot sustain its own existence.

However, this isn’t just as simple as it sounds.

Getting to the root of a wet rot problem is often quite difficult as the issue tends to occur in areas of a property that are not always visible or easily accessible, and the complete treatment process is usually beyond the capabilities of an everyday DIY hobbyist.

Broken or leaking water pipes, a leaking roof, damaged or blocked gutters and drains, defective bathroom seals, and badly plumbed kitchen appliances are all common reasons as to why a wet rot problem might be encountered within a property. Whilst all these things lead to timber being exposed to excess moisture, they are by far from the only reasons. This is why it’s important for a qualified professional to help you identify what’s causing the dry rot in the first place.

Treating wet rot is never as simple as just letting the wood dry out.  In fact, it’s a lot more complex.

It all depends on the severity of the situation. Yes, drying out the surroundings of the infected area the timber is in is one of the treatment stages, but like any type of fungal infection dry rot infested timber needs to be treated with a fungicidal treatment to control the spread of the fungus, and deter future growth.

There are several obvious reasons why it’s important to seek the aid of a wet rot specialist when encountering a case within your property. A qualified surveyor experienced with wet rot will come to your property equipped with the knowledge and expertise to be able to locate and isolate the affected area at its moisture source.  A proper wet rot surveyor will also be able to identify any affected, decaying timber and can pass on the task of with, removal, replacement or repair to a technician trained to do so.

As there is always a risk of a wet rot infestation returning, any new and replaced timbers (as well as any wood surrounding the affected area) will need properly treating with a wood hardening agent and preservative and fungicidal treatment.

Only when these stages have been thoroughly completed will the wet rot issue be fully eradicated.

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Will Wet Rot Dry Out?

The simple and short answer to this is no, wet rot will not dry out on its own.

A wet rot issue will continue to exist and progressively get worse until the source of the moisture is completely removed. Basically, your wet rot isn’t going to be eradicated without treatment following a proper survey.

As we have previously ascertained, just drying out the affected area simply isn’t enough to solve the problem.

As wet rot is a fungal infection, the fungi will continue to eat its way through the nutrients within your timber until  the wet rot’s water source has been removed or stopped, and the timber itself has been treated with a fungicidal spray to ensure that  the wet rot cannot return.

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How Should I React If I Find Wet Rot?

Wet rot is a problem that given time is only going to get worse, spread, and ruin more of your property than it did when you first discovered it. No amount of patience or waiting is going to reduce the impact of the wet rot in your property’s timber.

Discovering the source of the water causing the wet rot, having that source of moisture dealt with, and making sure that the fungal aspect is contained and dealt with are the only sure-fire ways of making sure that wet rot does not continue to spread.

Without the intervention of a specialist, any wet rot issue you have is likely to continue to persist and worsen risking serious damage to the structural integrity of your property.

If you suspect that you may have a case of wet rot occurring within your property, then don’t wait to contact our team of wet rot and property care specialists. We are fully accredited by the PCA, and our team are all highly qualified when it comes to identifying and treating wet rot – along with all kinds of other property care issues. Get in touch by calling us on 0800 288 8660, or online via our website here.