Managing director Mark Edwards, Barrie Francis and Neil Hartley stood with the PCA Best Practice Award for Best Training and Staff Development 2023

Timberwise Wins at the 2023 PCA Best Practice Awards

1 August 2023

Timberwise have long been proud of our membership in the PCA for as long as we have been part of the association, and our pride hit new levels when at the 2023 PCA Best Practice Awards Timberwise were given the award for providing the Best Training and Staff Development, and were also Highly Commended for Website of the Year.

Timberwise: Best Training and Staff Development Winners

It will be no surprise to anyone familiar with Timberwise that Training and Staff Development is a core part of our business.

We believe in providing our team with the best in the business when it comes to development opportunities, and our training team are dedicated to ensuring that not only do the Timberwise team receive every opportunity they could need to help them advance their career and skills, but that they are also equipped to operate at the high standard we as a company are known for.

Neil Hartley, Barrie Francis, and the wider training team are responsible for overseeing the training of the entire Timberwise team, and their delivery has been recognised by the PCA, the overseeing authority in our industry, as the best in the business.

This is tremendous news, and the MD of Timberwise, Mark Edwards, had this to say on the award win: ‘Training and Staff Development is vitally important to me, and to everyone who works at Timberwise. Reliability is one of our core values, and making sure that the team is given every opportunity to expand or refine their skillset only ensures that our customers are given the best possible experience when they deal with Timberwise, from their first phone call to when our technicians leave the job site.’

If you would like to learn more about job opportunities at Timberwise, how we can help you to grow in your career, or even apply for a current vacancy, you can do so here.

Timberwise: Highly Commended for Website of the Year

The Timberwise website has been recognised by the PCA for it’s design and capability, and once again we couldn’t be more thrilled with the result.

Our website is often the first point of call when our customers are looking for a solution when it comes to their property care problems, and making sure that this experience is as informative and easy as possible is something our team work incredibly hard to achieve.

The marketing team have been working throughout this past year to improve the website, leading to new record levels of users on the website and all new ways for our customers to learn and interact with the team.

Knowing that the PCA have recognised the hard work being done is a huge honour, and tells us that all the efforts we put into improving the customer experience are paying off.

What These PCA Best Practice Awards Mean

Every company will have a different story when it comes to winning an award, but the PCA Best Practise Awards are special to us because they are given out by the PCA, the governing association of the property care industry in the UK..

This means that not only is Timberwise an award-winning business, but a business awarded by the very body who recognise the best practise in our industry. The PCA is an important factor in everything we do, and knowing that we are not only compliant when it comes to their standards, but delivering to standards that merit their awards is incredibly pleasing.

We want to thank again the Training and Development team, the marketing team, and of course the PCA itself for recognising the hard work that everyone in Timberwise puts into the company to make it not just a better place to work, but a better experience for our customers.