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Will Tanking Affect My Home’s Resale Value?

11 January 2024

When it comes to selling your home, you are going to have plenty of questions about how your time in the property might have affected the resale value.

Lots of people know about the positive impact an extension can have, or how boarding a loft (for example) might improve your properties value, but what about some of the lesser known or undertaken property care tasks, like basement tanking?

Here you can find out just how tanking your basement walls might effect the properties value and its viability on the marketplace.

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Why Would Tanking Impact Your Properties Value?

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Just like any other type of property care, tanking has a specific purpose and cost associated with it, and applying it in a property won’t just act as a remedy to the problem in question, but also act as a sign that there was a problem to begin with.

So, whilst the problem is solved, surveyors and potential buyers are going to be aware that an aftermarket solution has had to be applied in order to make the properties basement usable.

However, because tanking is a long term solution you will often find that would be buyers look upon its application as a positive. It shows that action has already been taken on a serious property care issue, and that the cost won’t be passed on to them after they have already paid for the house (even if you take the cost of the tanking into account when putting the property up for sale).

In fact, in some cases tanking can have a serious and positive impact on the value of a property.

Think about properties which have fallen into serious disrepair. A basement that is prone to leaks, filled with condensation and black mould, with peeling wallpaper and rotting floors is obviously not going to be a selling point.

So, just like in any property, taking steps to make it a habitable space is only going to increase your properties overall value. This means that tanking on the properties interior to stop ongoing leaks is going to have a positive effect, not just because the base cost of the tanking can be rolled into the selling price of the house, but because the overall effect of the tanking is going to transform the basement into a usable space, potentially a new living room, bedroom, bathroom, or whatever it needs to be.

The value of this is entirely down to the market and an estate agents valuation, but transforming a below ground space in this way with effective tanking and basement waterproofing methods is only going to improve your properties value.

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Do I Need Basement Tanking?

Basement flooded with water

Whether or not your property requires basement tanking is a tricky question.

The only reason that someone might ask that question is because they have noticed that their basement is currently experiencing flooding, leaks, or other forms of water ingress where it isn’t wanted.

This might be a problem that has built up over time, or a problem that was immediately noticeable once you moved in, but either way that water causing the issues will need to have a stop put to it before any other work can be done in the basement.

As for whether or not tanking is an appropriate course of action, that may be a little more difficult to learn – especially if you aren’t an accredited basement waterproofing expert.

The best way to find out if your basement would benefit from the application of a tanking slurry would be to arrange for a basement waterproofing survey. With a survey you can expect your property to be visited by a qualified basement waterproofing expert who will be able to properly understand the source of the flooding in your basement, as well as the best course of action to take to prevent further flooding from occurring, be it tanking or otherwise.

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Are There Alternatives to Basement Tanking?

Membrane installed on the walls in a new barn conversion

Basement tanking is actually just the colloquial term for Type A Waterproofing, the application of a totally waterproof slurry that stops any water from penetrating into the basement. As you might have guessed, the ‘Type A’ title does allude to other forms of basement waterproofing being available, it’s just that tanking may well be the most well known or easily applied via DIY.

So, yes, there are alternatives to Type A Waterproofing, but whether or not they will be applicable or usable in your basement depends very much on a case by case basis.

Type B Waterproofing for example is specifically for new build properties, and is the use of waterproofing materials in the actual construction of the property itself.

Type C Waterproofing is the application of a waterproof membrane to the inside of a property, which collects any floodwater within a sump pump, before pumping that water off premises safely. This is a method of waterproofing that can be applied in a property no matter its age, and if applied correctly can be completely covered with plasterboard, meaning that the basement itself remains nicely decorated and usable even after the cavity membrane has been fixed in place.

What you should know is that in the current guidelines pertaining to British basement waterproofing (BS8102: 2022), it is a legal requirement that any basement be protected by at least two of the above forms of basement waterproofing.

So, regarding property value and tanking, if you own a property that only features tanking as a form of waterproofing defence, then you still might not see value on your property as it may be a requirement for you (or the new owners)  to look into other forms of waterproofing to secure the basement.

Again, this may well best be left to a surveyor to determine, as they are going to have the knowledge not only on what is best, but also on what is appropriate for your basement.

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Will Basement Tanking Improve My Properties Value?

In most cases tanking a basement is going to be a surefire way to increase your properties overall value. It’s an easily achieved way to ensure that your basement stays dry and flood free, and putting a stop to water ingress in any property is going to help its viability once it hits the marketplace.

However, if you have gone ahead and applied tanking to your basement’s walls without fully understanding the cause of the flooding, or looking into if other basement waterproofing methods are going to be more effective then you may well be left with a basement that continues to flood, and out of pocket after paying for the tanking to be done.

To be secure in the knowledge that tanking is the right course of action for you, we encourage you to book a basement waterproofing survey so the experts can decide on, and organise, the right course of action.

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Organise Tanking in Your Property

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If you are looking to increase the attractiveness of your basement, or to improve your properties overall resale value, and you haven’t yet considered tanking in your basement then you can always speak to our team.

Our basement waterproofing experts cannot only assess your basement and help you discover if tanking is a suitable solution for you, but we can also arrange for the application of the tanking slurry itself, no matter the property or its purpose.

Just call 0800 288 8660, or fill in the form below, and our team can organise a survey at a time that works for you.