Can The Weather Make Condensation Worse?

20 February 2024

Condensation is a problem that plenty of the people in the UK face on a daily basis, and it can be made worse when the temperature drops. One big question we are often asked when it comes to condensation though is whether the weather can have an impact, and if so, can the weather make condensation problems worse?

Hopefully this article will give you the answers you need, and let you know how to best combat condensation in your property brought about when the temperature drops.

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Can the Temperature Have an Effect on Condensation?

Mould growing on roof beams cause by condensation

This is a question with a complicated answer, but in short: yes, the temperature can impact the amount of condensation generated in your property.

To understand why, you might need to know a little more about how condensation is formed.

When warm, dense air comes into contact with a cooler surface, it’s going to revert back into its liquid form, beading into small droplets and becoming what you recognise as condensation.

The warm air in question is also attracted towards spaces in which the air pressure is lower – this means cooler spaces. That often means the air will want to naturally flow outside, where the temperature is often lower.

To make it more straightforward, think of it this way:

When winter comes around and its cold outside, you might put your heating on. When the heating is on in your home, you’re going to be raising the temperature inside higher than what it is outside.

So, any condensation generated in your warm home is going to want to escape the property to the cooler, lower air pressure environment outside. This means that when the temperature drops you are more likely to see condensation beading on your windows, on your walls, and anywhere else where the warm air might be drawn to so it can travel outside.

Conversely, when it’s warm and you have your properties windows open and the temperature inside is potentially cooler than it is outside you may well notice that the condensation that usually builds up in the winter, may not in the summer.

But what about the weather, can that have an effect on the amount of condensation being created?

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Can The Weather Cause Condensation?

On its own, it’s very unlikely that the weather will be capable of creating condensation in your property.

In order for the weather to have a direct impact on the amount of condensation being created in your home, it would have to be open to the elements. So, if you have a leak in your home that lets in rain, or a nasty case of rising damp that sees your walls saturated after heavy rain, then the chances are that when you turn on the heating, or at least as soon as your property becomes warmer than the temperature outside, you are going to see that moisture turn into condensation.

So, if your property is properly protected, then you shouldn’t have an issue with the weather causing condensation issues inside your home. If you are noticing problems with condensation in your property though, what can you do to make sure that the weather isn’t adding to your problems?

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How to Alleviate Condensation

It’s no surprise that every property in the UK is at risk of generating condensation. The trick is knowing how to keep that condensation under control and alleviate its impact on your property.

The key to keeping condensation under control is understanding the importance of ventilation. Ventilation provides an unobstructed path for the warm dense air which causes condensation to escape without coming into contact with, for example, a window, or your walls.

Extractor fans, window trickle vents, and even open windows can all lead to more effective ventilation in your property, which in turn will allow for the warm air to escape with ease and less condensation to build up in the property itself.

Of course, there are other ways to reduce condensation in your property, and you may well want to explore them if ventilation isn’t alleviating the condensation immediately. If though, even after trying different methods to reduce the amount of condensation in the property, you are still finding beaded condensation on your walls, and you suspect that it might be down to something like damp, then its important you get in touch with our team immediately so we can help.

Timberwise can help you discover if there are any property care related issues that might be causing condensation to build up where it shouldn’t be, and our team of technicians are entirely capable of providing you with a lasting solution that should help you avoid some of the nastier side effects of condensation, such as black mould or damp.

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