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Timberwise’s Summer Property Care Checklist

30 April 2024

It’s always nice when the weather gets warmer. We get to spend more time outside, enjoying the weather and the longer days – but the summer also presents us with a great opportunity to carry out a few simple jobs that are going to help out massively once autumn rears its head once again.

So, what easy jobs can you take on this summer to take care of your property and ensure it stays in good condition throughout the autumn?

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Check Your Roof

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It’s no secret that throughout winter the UK can be battered by rain, hail, high winds, and covered in snow. Sometimes this might all happen in the same day. So, making sure that your roof is in top condition is going to feature pretty high on any list of priorities when it comes to checking your property over in the summer.

First off, you will want to make sure that your roof tiles haven’t been jostled, knocked loose, or even removed completely by factors like high winds or birds. Loose or missing roof tiles can lead to leaks, damp, and the loss of heat in the winter, so making sure that all of your tiles are secure and working as they should be is something to be aware of during the summer.

You will also want to make sure that your roof is clear of debris, like moss, branches, or birds nests. Anything that could potentially stop rainwater from flowing down your roof as intended must be removed as it has the potential to allow water to pool, which may well lead to leaks.

You will also want to take the opportunity to check your gutters. If they are full of leaves, moss, or other debris, you are running the risk of having your gutters overflow, leading to a potential penetrating damp issue.

Taking the time to clean out your gutters in the summer is a great way to spend your time, as it will potentially save you a big headache when it comes time for the rain to fall again, as your gutters will be working as intended and your walls safe from the risk of penetrating damp.

Of course, if you have already noticed the likes of damp or leaks in your loft or under your roof, then you may well want professional assistance in discovering the cause. Just call 0800 288 8660, or fill in one of our contact forms to arrange a visit from one of our surveyors, who will be able to tall you what might be causing the issue, and define a clear strategy to stop the problem from occurring.

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Clean Your Decking

Most decking is, at it’s core, timber.

This being the case, your decking is going to be open to problems such as wet and dry rot, woodworm, water damage, and general wear and tear thanks to people walking on it, and whatever else might have been dropped on it over winter.

You also have to remember that if your decking isn’t cleaned off once the weather is dry it can build up a slippy residue that makes it hard to walk on, and can over time contribute to further damage to your decking.

So, when the weather is warmer and the likelihood of rain is low it’s well worth taking the time to first brush all debris off of the decking, then pressure washing the decking before deciding whether your decking could do with a re-application of waterproof sealant, or re-staining.

Of course these are just general maintenance tips. If you have noticed that your decking might need more specialist attention then please get in touch with our team, and we can talk to you about our different timber repair and replacement services, and look into helping you get your decking into quality condition once again.

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Have Your Boiler Serviced

The warmer weather in the summer means that your boiler isn’t going to be in heavy use, and you might not be relying on it to provide heat in the evenings or throughout the day.

The problem is that sometimes people go to turn their boiler back on after the summer, and find that it has broken, leaving their home cold just when they need their boiler the most.

Aside from the obvious problem of a cold house, there are other issues that can crop up because of a broken boiler when the weather turns, namely that of condensation. Condensation can build up in a property where the ambient temperature is not consistent.

Generating heat in a cold home is a sure fire way to begin having condensation build up repeatedly, especially if the heat is being created in the same area over and over again, like in the kitchen or a bathroom.

You can read more about how condensation is created here, and you can learn more about how condensation can lead to black mould here, but suffice to say its best that you have access to a working boiler to reduce the chance of black mould and condensation spreading in your home.

Scheduling your boiler service for summer means that you are going to be minimising the amount of downtime your boiler might experience if it is in need of maintenance or replacement parts.

Just make sure you choose a trusted supplier of boiler servicing and repair, and see if you can book in a repeat appointment so that your annual service falls at a convenient time in the summer.

Repair Any Exterior Timber

Repair to timber ceiling beam

There are plenty of reasons that you might own timber on the outside of your property. You might have a timber lean to, a pergola, fencing – there are all kinds of reasons that timber gets used outdoors.

Making sure that same timber is kept in a decent state should be a top priority in the summer, just like caring for your decking. This means you might have to wash timber as needed with a pressure washer, re-apply a sealant to ensure the timber stays waterproof throughout the winter, or even replace any timber that looks damaged or like it might be hosting rot.

Making sure that any exterior timber you have is in good condition during the summer just means that it will be well protected once the cold weather hits and the rain starts to fall.

You will want to check your timber over for any signs of water damage, for signs of woodworm, and for signs that the timber might be developing dry or wet rot.

Some of these conditions might be easy for you to treat, and you can potentially look into the replacement of some timber yourself – replacing a floorboard might be much easier than replacing a structural beam on a pergola for example.

However, in some instances you may well need help to restore, repair, or even replace timber in your property or garden. Luckily, our team of timber care specialists are on hand to give advice and even act for you, making sure that your timber is ready to handle whatever the wet weather might throw at it once summer is over.

If you are interested in having your timber looked over, or in undergoing repairs during the summer when it is easier to work outside, then give our team a call on 0800 288 8660 or fill in one of our contact forms and we can look into arranging a visit from one of our surveyors.

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Bad pointing on external brickwork

Pointing is an important facet of your property, and making sure that it is applied at the right time can go a long way in protecting your brickwork, and the overall damp-proof quality of your property.

Now, it’s important that you time it right when it comes to pointing. Extreme weather conditions can compromise the curing process of fresh mortar, so you never want to apply pointing at a time when frost or heatwaves are a risk, otherwise you are going to risk the mortar used during the repointing process cracking or not sticking properly.

So, early summer might well be the best time to look into having your property repointed. You could also look into late summer, once the risk of the high temperature heatwaves has passed, but in both instances you need to be certain that the project will be completed before the more extreme temperatures kick in.

Having your home repointed can often be a great way to achieve better thermal retention, and to protect your exterior brickwork from the possibility of penetrating damp, which can lead to all kinds of other issues inside your property.

What Other Property Care Jobs Should I Do in Summer?

If you have any questions about how you can best protect your property from the likes of damp, condensation, black mould, woodworm, or from structural defects, you can always call our team and ask.

We are always happy to help give advice where needed, or arrange a visit from our surveyors when a problem requires professional help. Just call 0800 288 8660, or fill in one of the contact forms on our website and we will be in touch to see just how we can help.