Is Spray Foam Insulation Good for Your Property?

31 May 2024

Property care can be tricky, and when it comes to your own home you are always going to be on the lookout for what is going to work best.

It’s no different when it comes to insulation.

Thanks to all kinds of factors including the recent rises in the price of energy, people are more interested than ever in finding real, lasting solutions to heat their home that remain cost effective.

Spray foam insulation is a relatively new form of insulation that many through the UK are finding a welcome, easy, and affordable way to insulate spaces in their property that in the past may have proven costly or difficult.

However, because it is a new form of insulation there are plenty of people with questions about spray foam insulation, about how effective it is, the quality of the insulation, and whether or not spray foam insulation is good for your property on the whole.

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What Is Spray Foam Insulation?

A relatively new form of insulation, spray foam insulation is a form of insulation that is applied to the walls via a spray gun.

The spray is shot out of the spray gun in a liquid form, and is meant to be applied to special boarding designed to allow for air flow between the insulation and the surface itself.

On contact the spray foam will expand, filling in the space in which it has been applied without the need for measuring, cutting, or tricky installation.

This quick application is what makes spray foam insulation so popular. The speed and ease at which it can be applied to tricky to work in areas like between roofing eaves and timber means that it saves on time and effort – and potentially installation cost.

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Why is Spray Foam Insulation Considered Bad?

Because spray foam insulation is a quick and easy solution product to use, it has been the case for many that it was applied haphazardly, resulting in a bad coat of the insulation which can, in some cases, lead to further issues for the property owner.

In instances where porous spray foam has been applied incorrectly, for example directly onto the roofing rather onto the special boarding, the foam can act like a sponge, absorbing moisture which is then held against the timber, leading to problems like dry rot, woodworm, or even a build up of condensation.

Non porous spray foam can have similar problems, with any collected moisture sitting on top of the spray foam, allowing it to enter the properties timber.

If you are looking to buy or selling a property it’s worth remembering that spray foam insulation can have an effect on a properties mortgage and sale status. This isn’t because of the insulation itself, but because of the knock on effect that spray foam insulation can have on your properties timber and loft space if it is installed incorrectly.

Essentially, if the spray foam insulation has not been correctly installed then it can cause real damage to the roof, timber, and loft space of a property.

Of course, it can be difficult to learn if the spray foam insulation is actually causing problems.

This is because the insulation is stuck to the surface it has been applied to, making checking for things like a leaky roof, rotting timbers, or spreading damp difficult as the spray foam insulation has made them inaccessible and not visible.

This presents a risk in the form of potential repairs and the costs associated, which means that some mortgage lenders will not take on a property unless it can be ascertained (via a survey) the extent of the damage.

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Which Mortgage Lenders Accept Spray Foam Insulation?

Right now there is a lot of confusion regarding spray foam insulation and how it can effect mortgage applications.

Many of the most popular and widely used mortgage lenders are becoming more wary when it comes to spray foam insulation, not only requiring extensive surveys should spray foam insulation be discovered in a properties loft, but often also requiring a survey on properties that have had their spray foam insulation removed to ensure that there is no lasting damage.

Basically, if you are looking at buying a property that has, or had, spray foam insulation, be prepared for mortgage providers to ask for additional surveys and reports.

As far as which mortgage lenders accept spray foam insulation, it is being reported more and more that most major mortgage providers are concerned about spray foam insulation. We recommend a ‘better safe than sorry’ approach, and to equip yourselves with the results of a spray foam insulation survey to ready yourselves for mortgage lenders decisions.

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Should I Buy a House with Spray Foam Insulation?

If you are in a situation where you are interested in a property, and have had the nod from a mortgage provider to go ahead on the purchase, yet the property is fitted with spray foam insulation, then you are going to be faced with a difficult decision on whether you should continue with the purchase.

It can be a tough call, especially if you aren’t sure what the state of the property is like under the spray foam insulation.

Luckily, our team are on hand and ready to help. We can organise a spray foam insulation in a property for you, in which our surveyors will look over the quality of the spray foam application, the state of the timber and roof under the insulation, and the extent of any damage that might have been caused as a result.

Just give us a call on 0800 0288 8660, or fill in one of our online forms, and we can help you decide whether you should buy a home with spray foam insulation.