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There is an increasing demand in waterproofing issues in your basement across Manchester. Timberwise have 45 years’ experience providing waterproofing solutions from domestic properties to large commercial projects.

Most people associate their basement as an unused area that is primarily used for storage space, however, basement conversion can be a worthwhile investment for any homeowner or commercial property owner. Converting your basement can add real value and also add extra living space.

Benefits of Converting Your Basement

  • Extra Living Space- Converting your basement will provide additional room for your property.
  • Increase the Property Value- By creating extra living space underground you can increase the value of property significantly.
  • Generate Extra Revenue– From the rental perspective, basement conversion could allow for an extra bedroom which is a great way to increase passive income.

Certified Waterproofing Surveyors in Manchester

To ensure that our waterproofing services compile with latest BS regulations (BS8102) the Manchester waterproofing surveyors hold the CSSW qualification (Certificated Surveyor in Structural Waterproofing). Basement or cellar conversion is a specialist task and basement waterproofing should be carried out by the most qualified of experts. At Timberwise we provide long-term guarantees so you can be confident that your basement and property is hands of basement waterproofing specialists.

The Basement or Cellar Waterproofing process

Our highly skilled basement waterproofing contractors control the ingress and flow of the water to a pre-determined evacuation by the use of cavity drainage systems. The flow of the water is controlled through perimeter drainage channel and directed to a suitable drainage point. Once the cavity wall drainage membrane has been fitted, wall surfaces can be dry lined or plastered directly.

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How Basement or Cellar Tanking is carried out

Dampness occurs in cellars due to the area being located below ground. Water can make its way through the walls into the cellar. Once the damp runs into the walls it can cause issues such as condensation which in turn, will create mould. The tanking slurry is directly placed on damp walls which act as an impermeable waterproof barrier.

What happens when the waterproofing process is completed?

After the waterproofing solutions fully carried out, the property owner is left with a damp free basement. The basement or cellar can then be used to improve upon your living space and add value to your home.

There is a large increase in a number of property owners that are looking to convert their basement. By having a survey with you can be assured that Timberwise will provide the best waterproofing solutions to fit your property.

Contacting the Manchester Waterproofing Experts

If you are having damp problems in your basement, Timberwise have waterproofing experts across Manchester. If you want to arrange a survey for your basement then call 0161 969 1526 or request a survey online by filling in the form at top of the page.