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Do Damp Crystals Work?

28 November 2023

Discovering damp in your property is always going to be a problem, and there are plenty of people who won’t know where to start when...

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Can I Have Basement Waterproofing Installed in Older Buildings?

21 November 2023

Owning a property can bring with it a whole host of different problems that you, as the owner, will have to face and mitigate on...

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Can I Install a Damp Proof Course in an Older House?

14 November 2023

Damp proofing is often a problem that people don’t really think about – that is, until its too late and the damp has set in....

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Property Care Winter Preparation Checklist

7 November 2023

There will be plenty of lists around the web looking at how you can prepare your home for winter, but we thought it was worth...

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What to Do If You Discover Dry Rot in a Listed Building

31 October 2023

Dry rot is one of the most common problems when it comes to property care in the UK, and it will come as no surprise...

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What Surfaces Can Dry Rot Affect?

24 October 2023

Dry rot is a nasty problem, something no one wants to discover in their property and definitely not something you want to let spread through...

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Should I Replace Rotten Timber in My Bathroom?

17 October 2023

The bathroom is a space where many will encounter problems like damp, black mould, and dry rot, because it’s a space where plenty of moisture...

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Timberwise Gain Women Into Construction Silver Membership

16 October 2023

It will come as no surprise that women are underrepresented within the construction sector. As a male dominated industry it can be hard for women...

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How to Treat Damp in Skirting Boards

10 October 2023

Finding damp anywhere in your property is an unpleasant experience, but sometimes there are areas where damp is just that little bit more annoying and...

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Signs of Improper Basement Waterproofing

3 October 2023

If you own a basement then you are probably already aware of the ever present threat of flooding, and the steps that you have to...

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