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Damp Proofing Your Summer House

5 August 2022

A summer house is a great thing to have in the back garden, and over the summer many people enjoy sitting out in their summer...

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Why You Need A Property Care Association Accredited Specialist

29 July 2022

Having a survey carried out on any property is often a staple of the purchasing process. Whether you are buying a new home to live...

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Cheap Ways To Reduce Condensation In Your Home

30 June 2022

Right now everyone living in Britain is deep within a cost of living crisis, only set to get worse as time goes on. It spells...

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The Difference Between Waterproofing and Damp Proofing

14 June 2022

Every homeowner is going to one day have a question about property care that they need answering; many get confused understanding the difference between damp...

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Cheap Ways of Damp Proofing Your Home

31 May 2022

Right now the whole of the UK is facing a pretty severe cost of living crisis. This is going to have a direct effect on...

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Can Woodworm Destroy Your House?

24 May 2022

There are many things in the UK that can have a devastating effect on the condition of your house, and lead to its potential ruin....

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The Common Furniture Beetle: Signs, Lifecycle, and Treatments

17 May 2022

Woodworm is a common problem in England, Scotland, and Wales, and there is no more common type of woodworm than the common furniture beetle. The...

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Why Does My House Feel Damp When It Rains?

29 March 2022

Your property should be a place that above all else is comfortable to be in at any time. It can be distressing then if you...

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Powder Post Beetle: Signs, Lifecycle and Treatments

28 March 2022

The Powder Post Beetle, which is also known as Lyctus Brunneus, is a beetle that is present between March and September and is light brown...

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House Longhorn Beetle: Signs, Treatment and Prevention

23 March 2022

The House Longhorn Beetle, also known as Hylotrupes bajulus, can cause serious damage to timbers within any property. These beetles are usually found in areas...

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