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What Is Cavity Wall Tie Failure?

11 May 2021

If you own property then you are going to have to be vigilant when it comes to the state and quality of the building you...

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Why is There Damp Under Floorboards?

20 April 2021

Damp is a huge problem when it comes to property care. The fact of the matter is that damp can make its way into your...

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Why Is Damp Showing Through Paint?

12 April 2021

Damp is a tricky problem. There are a number of potential causes of damp including condensation and structural faults, and each of these causes requires...

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What to Do When You Find Damp or Mould in Rented property?

29 March 2021

Finding damp and mould in rented accommodation is a common problem, and one that many people have to deal with nearly on a daily basis....

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How to Avoid Getting Scammed With Damp Repairs?

26 March 2021

Damp is a very serious issue, and sadly there are people in the world who are going to try and attempt to take advantage of...

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Cracks in Wall, Should I Be Worried?

24 March 2021

If you have recently bought a new home or been in living in the property for a long period of time, then you might start...

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How To Stop Damp in Bathroom?

22 March 2021

It is no surprise that you might find damp in your bathroom considering the typical amount of moisture that is generated in a bathroom. Damp...

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What Causes Lintel Failure?

10 March 2021

Throughout every property in the UK you are going to find lintels are a heavily relied upon support structure and are a key part to...

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How Can Damp Affect Buying or Selling a House?

5 March 2021

It’s often said that moving house can be one of the most stressful processes that a person can go through in their life. That doesn’t...

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Why Basement Pump Servicing is Important?

2 March 2021

People presume that their basement waterproofing system will keep their basement dry day after day, year after year without needing any form of attention. We...

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