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Curing Condensation Problems – Not all fans are the same !

8 April 2009

To help control condensation and other  air quality issues Timberwise can provide a full range of ventilation and air management solutions to help alleviate the effects of...

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Condensation and Mould Growth – The Facts

18 November 2008

While there are several distinct types of condensation in buildings, surface condensation is by far the most common; indeed it is the most common form...

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Dry Rot – The Facts from the Dry Rot Experts

11 October 2008

Timberwise has been treating Dry Rot for over 5 decades and in that time have built a wealth of technical knowledge on Dry Rot. To help...

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Bird Proofing the Timberwise Way

26 June 2008

Bird Control – The Timberwise Way Bird problems are becoming more widespread as birds have adapted to our more urban environments. Timberwise are well known for their...

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Basement Pump Servicing

12 June 2008

The importance of basement pump servicing Timberwise are experts when it comes to designing and installing basement waterproofing systems but there is more to keeping...

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Bird Proofing Advice for U-boat Tourist Attraction

11 June 2008

Timberwise advise new tourist attraction on bird proofing When a new tourist attraction in the making based at Woodside ferry terminal near Birkenhead required advice on...

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Plaster Fungi

17 May 2008

Plaster Fungi At Timberwise we are experts in the treatment of all forms of fungal decay from well know rots such as dry rot and...

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Woodworm Lifecycle

17 March 2008

The Stages of the Woodworm Lifecycle For the purpose of this explanation we have made the assumption that the beetle that lands on the timber is...

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Client Care – Testimonials

4 September 2006

As part of our commitment to client care we are continually listening to our clients to ensure that Timberwise provides the best possible service. For...

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