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What is Interstitial Condensation?

26 February 2021

Right now there are plenty of people across the UK who are going to be affected by different and varying forms of damp and moisture...

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Why is There Damp in My Basement And What Can I Do About it?

23 February 2021

If you have a basement that is used for storage, recreational purposes or have even rented it out to someone then you probably do not...

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Is Damp The Same As Humidity?

18 February 2021

Damp and humidity are two of the most common causes for complaint within a home, or any property, at any given time. These two different...

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What Are Hygroscopic Salts?

10 February 2021

If you have never owned or rented a property before, and want to make sure that not only do you understand the different terminology out...

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How to Stop Condensation Forming on Windows?

8 February 2021

Condensation forming on windows is a common problem for many property owners and we are often asked how do we stop condensation forming on windows?...

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Key Steps in Waterproofing a Commercial Building

5 February 2021

When it comes to a commercial operation, it’s more than likely that a lot of your day to day operations are going to be dependant...

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Why Is There Damp in the Chimney Breast and How Do I Fix It?

21 January 2021

We are regular asked by customers why do I have a damp chimney and what can I do to fix it? We all know that...

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Why is My Basement Leaking?

20 January 2021

What Are The Causes For Basement Leaks? There are a few reasons that a basement leak might occur that are more likely to happen than...

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How To Remove The Damp Smell From Your Home?

15 January 2021

There are plenty of negatives that go along with the discovery of damp within your property. Structural issues, potential health concerns, and potential spread of...

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Can Damp Affect My Health?

12 January 2021

When it comes to damp, one of the biggest questions on most people’s minds is going to be ‘how is this going to affect my...

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