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What’s the Difference: Mould Vs Mildew

10 August 2021

It’s a feature of everyday life that we commonly hear phrases and expressions, and, without fully understanding them, we attribute meaning, and continue with a...

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What You Should Do Before Buying a House With Damp?

10 August 2021

Buying a house is a happy but also stressful process and during the home buying survey, you may also find that the property is suffering...

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What Is External Waterproofing?

3 August 2021

Waterproofing your property is a serious and necessary step when it comes to property management, especially if you want to avoid the expensive pitfalls of...

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What Are The Health Risks Of Dry Rot?

28 July 2021

Any type of wood rotting fungi can be problematic to your property, but dry rot is the most problematic of them all. If your property...

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Why Are My Walls Wet After Rainfall?

27 July 2021

When it comes to your property’s structural integrity, you want to be sure that there is no stone unturned when it comes to protection against...

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What Causes Damp in the Bedroom and How To Stop It?

19 July 2021

Damp issues can occur in any part of the house but there are common areas where it is most prone to occurring. Bathrooms and kitchens...

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How To Repair Rotted Wood?

8 July 2021

Having rotting wood at your property is not what any homeowner wants to be dealing with. Older properties are the most prone to suffering with...

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How to Alleviate Coastal Damp?

6 July 2021

Damp is a problem that many properties suffer from. Generally, you will find that excess moisture means that you’re more likely to suffer from the...

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How to Damp Proof Shed?

5 July 2021

During the summer and even the winter months, we like to have a shed for storing tools and equipment for gardening purposes. However, due to...

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How To Spot and Treat Woodworm in Furniture?

30 June 2021

This article is purely to give advice on problems with woodworm infested furniture, Timberwise are unable to treat furniture for woodworm. One of the most...

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