Basement waterproofing and timber repairs for a homeowner in Worcestershire

Client: Storm Property LTD

Products Used: Cavity Drain Membrane, Perimeter Drainage Channel, Sump Pump, Timber Resin.


Formerly a pre-WWII housing estate, Batchley is a district of Redditch set within the beautiful county of Worcestershire. Timberwise Midlands were called to a traditional brick semi-detached home and instructed to inspect the property to determine the presence, and extent of problems, associated with rising/penetrating dampness.

The owners of the property wanted to use the basement to its full potential and create further living space, specifically a bedroom for a live-in carer. The survey revealed defective rainwater goods and brickwork as well as evidence of a previous damp proofing course. The air bricks at the front of the property were blocked, and the debris was preventing sufficient subfloor ventilation.

Internally in the shower room, the shower tray could be lifted, and this was allowing for moisture ingress. Meaning, timber battens, render, and plasterboard was suffering from severe deterioration.

Did you know?

In the 19th century, Redditch became the international centre for the needle and fishing tackle industry. At one point, 90% of the world’s needles were manufactured in the town and the surrounding areas.”

Timber Methodology

Due to the lack of ventilation and a failed partial waterproofing system, the basement timbers had succumbed to a dry rot attack. Dry rot is a type of wood rot (Serpula Lacrymans) that commonly will only attack damp timber in areas with no ventilation.

The timber was covered in fruiting bodies (sporophore), fleshy pancake-like bodies, and had started to show signs of cuboidal cracking. Timberwise technicians removed infected wood as well as the wall plaster to gain direct access to the attack. Some areas of the outbreak were treated with masonry biocide and fungicide pastes to prevent further attacks of wood rotting fungi. For parts of the timber that were severely affected, the timber needed to be completely replaced.

It was important when removing the timber the utmost care was taken as to not let the fruiting bodies “explode”. If the bodies were to burst this would give off millions of tiny spores looking to infect timber and so the dry rot infestation starts again.

Waterproofing Design Methodology

The room needed to be a fully dry and habitable space so therefore needed to be compatible with BS 8102:2009 ‘Code of Practice for Protection of Below Ground Structures Against Water From the Ground’.

Timberwise’s Waterproofing Design Specialist designed a complete Type C system. This system is made up of a cavity drain membrane, perimeter drainage and a sump pump. Water is allowed to penetrate through to the basement and behind the membrane, the water is then collected at the bottom and gravity allows for the water to flow freely around the perimeter of the basement structural walls to the sump pump system where it is pumped away from the building so the basement stays dry.

Although no further works were required it’s important to maintain the waterproofing system, to achieve this Timberwise allowed for the installation of jetting eyes inspection points to allow access to the channel in the future. The clients knew that by working with a Waterproofing Design Specialist, they pass on all liability. It is the responsibility of the Design Specialist to take on the design liability for the required environment, and carry out risk necessary assessments.

Timberwise were able to provide further living space for the client to continue to enjoy a secure, comfortable and independent life within the familiar surroundings of their own home.

Matthew Hargrove, Surveyor CTSB


With the system installed and subsequently flood tested to ensure that water was removed correctly, Timberwise then worked alongside the customer’s builder ensure project was completed on time so the carer could move in as quick as possible. All the works are covered by long term guarantees, this then provides the customer with protection should there be any issues with the works in the future.

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