Basement Waterproofing for a Grade II Listed Building in Oxfordshire


Our team of Waterproofing Design Specialists in Oxfordshire were called to a historic Grade II Listed building in Bletchington. The Instructions from our customer were clear, Timberwise should prepare a specification and quotation for the installation of a basement waterproofing system at the property to allow for extra habitable living space.

Due to the age of the building the walls and floor were always likely to be prone to the dampness of one sort or another. This would mean that the condition of the existing wall would continue to deteriorate over time. Timberwise needed to take this into consideration and devise a waterproofing system that could manage the current water situation both now and into the future.

The Waterproofing Methodology

Our Waterproofing Design Specialist considered a range of waterproofing options in order to meet our customer’s requirements. Having evaluated the waterproofing options available a Type C waterproofing system was specified. The system specified utilised an internal cavity membrane along with a draining conduit and an external waterproofing coating. This waterproofing system would provide the best solution for the customer whilst adhering to BS 8102:2009.

Technicians installed an internal cavity drain membrane to the walls, (in this case a clear stud membrane) This then allowed for a stud work and plasterboard finish. This was then accompanied by a perimeter drainage channel which ran around the edge of the cellar within a concrete slab. The perimeter drainage channel collects any free running water that may be present and, as in this instance, takes the water to a drain off point in this case in the rear garden.

For the external waterproofing, Timberwise used a Geo External waterproofing membrane over a primary liquid base coat which acted as a waterproof drainage layer.

Through our innovative waterproofing systems, Timberwise has created a warm, dry and habitable living space for the modern family within a listed building ”

Jason Wakefield, Basement Waterproofing Specialist


Cavity drain membrane systems are flexible, so any small movements that may occur in the structure, pose no problem to the system. The system is flexible and maintainable, perfect for the customer to maintain the system moving forward.

Overall, the end result was a delighted customer with a dry habitual basement area that benefits from a long-term guarantee for extra peace of mind. Timberwise are experts in basement waterproofing and have a wide variety of basement waterproofing solutions at our disposal. From large scale commercial waterproofing projects to domestic properties we are sure to have a waterproofing solution to suit.

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