Basement Waterproofing Solutions in Leeds


Products used: Cavity Drain Membrane, Perimeter Drainage Channel, Sump Pump Chamber

A most desirable community in its own right, favoured for its village feel, Ilkley is situated within the heart of the Wharfe Valley, surrounded by the famous Moors to the south and the River Wharfe to the north. When a Yorkshire stone built, family property decided that they needed extra space for their growing brood as they craved a new kitchen, utility room and WC. They reached out to our basement waterproofing specialists in Leeds to help turn their plans into the extra space that they longed for.

Did you know?

Yorkstone or York stone is a variety of sandstone, specifically from quarries in Yorkshire that have been worked since medieval times. 

The Waterproofing Solution Methodology

Timberwise Waterproofing Design Specialists recommended a Type C waterproofing system, this consists of a cavity drain membrane which is internally applied to the basement walls and floors. To protect the floor an insulated moisture resistant floating floor is installed. This enables carpet or other floor coverings to be laid without fear of moisture spoiling the furnishings. It is essential that Timberwise’s Cavity Drain Membrane is used in conjunction with a perimeter drainage channel and pumping station.

Cavity Drain Membrane

The membrane was applied to the wall and the floor, as the surfaces didn’t need extensive preparation techniques the installation was quick and straight forward. Due to its easy installation and maintainability, cavity drain membrane was the perfect solution or this basements refurbishment project. The membrane provides vapour control and when used with humidity control systems delivers and a Grade 3 environment, which complies with BS8102:2009

Perimeter Drainage Channel

The perimeter drainage channel is used in conjunction with cavity drainage membrane systems. The water is moved below the finished floor level, enabling a complete system to be installed without adding to the original floor height.

Sump Pump

The pumping station contains sump and pumps to remove any water and is placed in the lowest part of the customer’s basement. As the chamber fills with water, the pumps operate. The sump pump drives the water out of the chamber along pipework to a suitable drain off point.

The sump pump is the heart of the basement waterproofing solution, it is essential that the sump and pump system is regularly inspected and maintained as limescale and other debris that get into the sump can limit the life of the pumps.

When dealing with homeowners in Leeds such as this, it is important to provide them with a complete end-to-end waterproofing solution to make things as easy as possible. This includes design, installation and guarantee. Alongside, superior products and first class customer service, Timberwise were able to make the installation nice and straightforward, and this is backed up by a level of technical support and guidance that is second-to-none in the industry

Martin Wilkinson, Waterproofing Design Specialist


New internal walls were created to form the 3 separate areas along with new plumbing and electrics. Finally, plastering was carried out on the walls and ceilings allowing the client to then have the kitchen fitted and the decorating completed. Timberwise provided the client with a completely dry and habitable basement space, perfect for the kitchen and dining area of their dreams.

This family home has an easily maintainable and effective basement waterproofing solution. The specialist waterproofing works carried out by our Leeds team is covered by a long-term guarantee of 10 years.

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