Basement Waterproofing for the University of Manchester

Our Findings

When the University of Manchester had a problem with a damp sub-basement at their historical Sackville Street building Timberwise were called upon to provide an expert solution to their damp problem. The sub-basement suffered with water running down the walls leading to puddles of water on the basement floor. Another problem with the basement was condensation as a result of steam from the steam room above – this then led to an issue with condensation on the staircase.


What a great opportunity to work in such a historic environment and
student-driven establishment. Through our innovative waterproofing systems, we have made this basement a warm, dry place which the university can use for many functions ”

Graham Malpass, Waterproofing Specialist

Our Solution

The Timberwise basement waterproofing solution involved the installation of a cavity drain membrane to the walls. The cavity drain membrane controls any moisture present on the walls and directs it into a perimeter drainage channel – in this instance a drainage channel around the perimeter of the basement and the steps. The perimeter drainage channel then leads into a sump pump unit which takes any water present away to a safe drain off point. To give a fresh finish to the basement “WhiteWall” was fitted. ”WhiteWall” is a clean, protective finish that comes in 2m high sheets and is fixed onto the cavity drain membrane with special adhesive.

The project took less than a week to complete and the end result was a dry, useable sub-basement area.

Looking for expert basement waterproofing advice?

Timberwise are experts in basement waterproofing and have a wide variety of basement waterproofing solutions at our disposal. From large scale commercial waterproofing projects to domestic properties we are sure to have a waterproofing solution to suit. If you are looking for waterproofing advice why not “Ask our Expert” or to arrange a survey of your basement call 0800 288 8660 or complete our on-line basement survey request form.

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