Dry Rot Treatment at Carlton Tavern, Chester


Timberwise were contacted by Hydes Brewery to investigate a suspected case of dry rot in a public house in Chester. The Carlton Tavern is a traditional 1920’s pub which is at the heart of the local community and retains many of its original structural features.

Prior to Timberwise’s involvement

Following a survey that involved exposure works along the front elevation of the building dry rot (serpula lacrymans) was discovered. Dry rot had spread and affected large areas of the structure including rafters, ceiling joists, parapet timbers, window jambs and window frames. The cause of the dry rot outbreak was defective external rendering, defective parapet lead work along with defective rainwater goods. Metal planters that were fixed to the external masonry had also allowed dampness to take a hold.

Timberwise’s solutions and results

Extensive treatments were carried out to areas affected by dry rot. This involved removing and cutting back ceiling joists and rafters to sound timber and fixing new sections of timber where needed. A full irrigation / sterilisation of exposed masonry was also carried out. Work also had to be done to the traditional semi-circular windows on the ground floor which involved the installation and glazing of new semi-circular windows to match the existing windows in the building. 

“a classic case of dry rot, where water has penetrated into the building reducing the timber to a brittle state”

Graham Malpass Keith Bonney, Surveyor

Graham Malpass

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Graham Malpass

Senior Remedial Surveyor and Waterproofing Design Specialist CSRT CSSW
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