Damp proofing for a home in Harrogate

Client: Domestic

Products: Damp proofing mesh membrane


Harrogate is a Victorian spa town and is considered by many to be a jewel in the crown of North Yorkshire. Harrogate benefits from a wealth of sophisticated shops, restaurants, and other everyday amenities, making the area very much sought after and a highly desirable location.  In this case study, the property needing our attention is located in the south side of Harrogate.

The customer’s instructions were to inspect the detached property to determine the presence and extent of problems associated with dampness to the first-floor wall of the property.

Team Timberwise initially carried out a visual inspection to the outside of the property, paying particular attention to any potential defects that may lead to penetrating damp ingress such as the chimney pot, roof and defective rainwater goods. Next, the Surveyor established if the property already had an existing damp proof course of any description and if so what type. Internally, ground floor walls were profiled for signs of dampness with the aid of an electronic moisture meter. As a matter of course when inspecting a property for damp issues this is always checked. In this case, as the dampness was on the first floor rising damp was not going to be the cause of the issue.

An electronic moisture meter is a device used for detecting moisture in wood and building material. The pins of the meter are pushed into the material being checked. These meters then measure how much resistance there is to an electrical current to determine the moisture content of the material. High levels of moisture can be a sign of moisture ingress that can lead to issues and defects with plaster.

Did you know?

Founder of the famous Bettys tea room, Frederick Belmont, came to Yorkshire by mistake. Having travelled from the continent by boat, he intended to find work on the south coast but accidentally boarded a train to Bradford.


Timberwise ‘s Harrogate Technicians tape down protective sheeting to the floor and designated work area in order to prevent dust settling. The existing wall plaster was then ‘hacked off’ and skirting boards were removed. A mesh damp proofing membrane was then installed from the floor to ceiling, this damp proof membrane is made from high-density polyethene membrane with a rot-proof polyethene mesh to ensure longevity.

The membrane is unaffected by the presence of moisture or salts, making it ideal for use where conventional damp poof injection might not work. The meshed surface provides an area that is totally separated and unaffected by the dampness which allows the membrane to be rendered or receive dot & dab plasterboard, ensuring that the wall finish will never be affected by moisture or salts.


Timberwise was formed in 1968 and are recognised as one of the UK’s largest family-run property care specialists. All the works are covered by long term guarantees, this then provides the customer with protection should there be any issues with the works in the future.

Through the use of a combination of damp proofing systems, the customer was left with a dry area protected from dampness. Having completed the project on time and within budget, the customer was pleased with the completed damp paving the way for them to use the newly dry space as they see fit. The works were completed on time, within budget and a Timberwise long term guarantee was issued upon completion. The homeowner was happy with the professionalism of the service and how pleased they were with the efficiency and tidiness of our Technicians on the day

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It is vital to correctly identify the damp problem you have so that the correct damp proofing solution can be put in place for your property. To correctly determine the form of damp treatment required, we recommend a Damp and Timber report from your local Harrogate damp specialists.

Timberwise has over 5 decades of experience in identifying and providing solutions to damp using techniques such as a damp proof course. For peace of mind that your problem is rectified, call our experts today on 0800 288 8660 or click below to arrange a damp survey online.